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7 Ways to Organize Your Business Content with Evernote (for Highly Creative Entrepreneurs)

Do you ever lose track of that brilliant idea you jotted down? Did you write it down in your journal, blog post, or maybe a post it note? Do you often receive idea downloads so fast that you can't capture them quick enough? I know your pain, creative people!

I tried to manage this problem. I created systems to capture the ideas, insights and inspirations. That didn't work . No sooner than I created a system, I couldn't remember how to retrieve my info, or found it hard to keep up with.

The great news is I discovered a productivity tool for creatives that works like magic. It helps you capture and organize all the download of ideas. Even better, it helps you find your great ideas and quickly and easily. The best productivity tool for creative entrepreneurs, hands down, is Evernote.

I know I'm gushing like a waterfall, but it's true. This tool has created ease in locating my content. Whenever I get that old feeling of “I know I jotted this down someplace…” I go to Evernote and find it.

If you're new to Evernote, here's what I recommend: Just dive in! Download the free version of Evernote and the Evernote Clipper for your browser (here's the Evernote Clipper for Chrome). Then open the gates and let the games begin!

Here are 7 types of business content that I organize with Evernote:

1. Blog Posts. I use the Evernote Clipper to save my blog posts to Evernote. I then tag them according to topic so that I quickly find content to share on social media sites. Evernote also shows you relevant content so that you get a feel for what content topics you produce most. This can stir other ideas to write about and also show you the gaps in your content.

2. Social Media Posts. You know you should be sharing your content on social media on a regular basis, right? Access ready made content to share with your social media posts (and your social media quote graphics, too). Whether you're dealing with writer's block or your life is at full tilt, you'll never be at a loss for content to share. Make sure you capture with the Evernote Clipper and tag your social media posts. Instant sharing, anyone?

3. Giveaways. Do you have several giveaways, opt in gifts or freebies that you've created for different niches, events or programs? You know that listbuilding is crucial to your business. Why not have all your giveaways catalogued so that you can share them at a moment's notice? This comes in handy when you take part in joint ventures and partners ask you for a giveaway for their event, podcast or interview.

4. Graphics. You know you found and stored the perfect image for your podcast graphic a while back but now you don't remember where you stored it, or what you named it? Argh! Now you'll have to start over again. Which free stock photography site did you find that awesome graphic on? You can't remember. What? Store ALL your stock photography, website banners and headers and more in Evernote. You'll never have to reinvent the wheel again. hahahaha!

5. Training Notes. Remember that webinar you attended on Facebook Ads? You took plenty of notes and now you're ready to do your first Facebook Ad. Where ARE those notes?! They're in Evernote, darling. Remember? You took screen captures while you attended the webinar and plopped them straight into Evernote. Now you have notes and a visual guide to launch your first Facebook Ad campaign. Smart cookie, you.

6. Client Notes. You've misplaced your client notebook – the one where you jot down your project outline and all your client notes. You had to send something to your client. What was it? You'll have to send your client a quick question. No, you'll never have to do that either. Keep all your client notes in Evernote and stay on top of your game!

7. Joint Ventures. Out of the blue you get an invite to take part in an online summit. One of the speakers cancelled and you're top of mind for the host as the next awesome choice. You need to immediately send your bio, interview topic and description plus interview questions. Are you ready to dive into this impromptu joint venture? You are if you've captured and catalogued all the elements above for your joint ventures. Be ready to roll!

Ready to see how to do this in your own business? Join my free Business Byte Webinar Training on Evernote this Friday, July 29, 1pm. You can register for the webinar series below.

If you're just interested in joining the webinar for Evernote you can register here.


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