April 23


6 Strategies to Harness the Power of Your Creativity and Turn Your Ideas into Income

By Adela Rubio

April 23, 2011

Business Tips

Chances are that you're a highly creative, entrepreneurial type who comes up with brilliant ideas, over and over and over again.  Whether you're sitting at your laptop, or working out on the elliptical at the gym, an ever flowing stream of ideas pours through you.

This abundance of ideas can be a blessing and a curse, at the same time. It can create confusion and undermine your focused action. Your highly creative nature ensures that you have a plethora of possibilities, but it makes it difficult to hone in and consistently implement the ideas that can create a high income business. There is a way to harness the power of your creativity and turn your ideas into income!

If you're tired of launching programs and products with plenty of promise that don't translate into profitable revenue streams then you won't want to miss this LIVE Event where six highly successful entrepreneurs share their expertise on how they translated their ideas into income. Here are the 6 strategies they used and they'll share the inside tips on how they put their business on the fast track to profitability:

1. Create a Signature Speech and Build Your Platform with Public Speaking. Communicate your messages effectively to go from idea to income fast! Participants will discover: the 3 Cs of credibility and how communicating your credibility will lead to money quickly and over the long-term, along with specific tips on things you can do right now. Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed. Author, Teacher and Trainer.

2. Increase Your Visibility with High Profile Sponsorships. If you’re not making all the money you want in your business, they something needs to change. And Your Creative Relationship Marketing Expert Shannon Cherry has some ingenious ways of getting a power presence that let’s your prospects engage and want to work with you. Shannon Cherry, Your Creative Relationship Marketing Expert.

3. Build Your Platform with the Power of Partnerships and Experiential Online Events. There are loads of ways to build your platform, but nothing will create a viral effect for your following like engaging an aligned community eager for your solutions and partnering with others to turbo speed your reach. Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert Tribe Builder

4. Brand Your Brilliance. How to turn your ideas, passion, expertise and knowledge into a focused, branded system and process that makes you a STAND OUT who easily attracts clients. Janis Pettit is co-author of 145 Ways to Market Your Small or Solo Business, and creator of multiple high impact business building mastery programs.

5. Build Your Platform by Creating Buzz with Consistent Visibility Strategies. Take away a custom marketing plan for building your online platform. Know exactly what you need to do each day, week and month to create buzz about you and your products/services. Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author, speaker and online publicist who helps spiritually-minded entrepreneurs find their place in the world and deliver their messages online.

6. Amp Up Your Income Stream with Multiple Streams of Revenue. As a coach or consultant you’re likely falling short of your income goals, and working a lot harder than you should be. Create multiple streams of revenue from your expertise and experience so you can earn both active and passive income. Bob Jenkins, Bob The Teacher, shows coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs how to help more people profitably with their products, services, and recommendations.

Join us at the Radiant Success Event, in Raleigh, North Caroling, Apr 29 – May 1st, to get into action and take your Idea to Income!

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