March 17


7 Benefits of Sacred Sisterhood in Writing Circles

By Adela Rubio

March 17, 2016

Morning Musing

Celia Cruz, the famous Cuban singer known as the Queen of Salsa, once said that she preferred playing large venues like Madison Square Garden instead of intimate cabarets. I’m quite the opposite. I prefer intimate to grand. It allows for the kind of connection I relish… deeper, richer, more intense. But I wasn't always open to this level of connection. I didn't feel so free to be me not too long ago.

In my younger years I didn’t really have friends, female or otherwise. I was pretty much a loner. It took me a long time, probably my twenties, before I had a clue what female friendships had to offer.

Some of this was my strange ranger nature. I preferred my own company to that of others. Some of it was the awkwardness I felt with people my own age. I just didn’t seem interested in the types of conversation younger women were having those days, mostly about clothes, men and relationships.

When I did form friendships, it was usually with women who were much older than me. We had deeply delicious conversations. Those friendships were a source of insights and inspiration.

My foray into friendships was given a huge boost with the arrival of the Internet and online bulletin boards. The online world made it easier for me to find ‘women like me.' Plus, online groups provided many different kinds of communities to explore connection and sisterhood. I took to it like a fish to water.

Today I intimately know a small group of women. These sacred sisters have shared my joys, my sorrows. They've seen my business blossom and bloom, then fall apart. They've seen me grow and my children too. I have been honored to partake of their lives in the very same way. I am blessed. They are my sacred circle of sisters.

Today’s morning musing dives into the mystery of friendship, sisterhood and sacred circles.

Morning Musing

In the shower this morning (one of my favorite musing spots), I started thinking of my inner circle, specifically my circle of sisters. I've been in quite a few. Silently I speak your name, each and every one of you, in deep and delicious gratitude. [I proceed to name approximately 25 women who've inspired and contributed to my growth. I invite you to do the same.]

I've been in circles for decades: Reiki Circles, Pendulum Circles, Writing Circles, Coaching Circles. You get circles are one of my things, here's why: each person is an essential element in a circle. There is no focal point on one person. It's all about interconnection and collaboration. Together WE form the circle. We ARE the circle.

I've experienced shared leadership and support in my circles. A circle has always enhanced my creative expression and experience.

Congruency is an essential quality of a circle. There is assumed agreement on the purpose or objective of the circle. If anything, a circle generates a sense of cohesiveness and unity, whether it be on the intention, ideal or implementation.

7 Benefits of Sisterhood

So, if you want to travel deeper and get to experience more, a circle is a perfect vehicle. Whether the intention of your circle is for greater personal awareness, improving your writing or enhancing your creativity and leadership, a circle will have you digging deeper and flying higher.

Here are 7 benefits I've experienced from my circle of women:

  1. Be Seen. Other women see your highest, grandest self. They also see the ‘less than' parts of you that you hide. They honor and bless that too.
  2. Be Heard. There is nothing like being heard and sharing our deeply emotional and intuitive nature. A sacred feminine circle invites all of you into the playground, whether it's pretty or not.
  3. Experience Oneness. We all share common issues and problems. When you share in a circle you come to see that you are not alone. Chances are that you all share some of the same themes and patterns.
  4. Access Collective Wisdom. The power of the group mind with its infinite resources of experiences is a boon in addressing your challenges and problems. Looking to do something new? Chances are someone in your sisterhood knows something or someone who can help.
  5. Greater Self Awareness. The level of sharing deepens as you reveal who you are. Sharing your experiences reveals powerful insights, not only for you but also for your sacred circle. Ever struggled with identifying your gifts and talents? Belong to a circle long enough and you'll get useful feedback about your gifts and talents from your circle.
  6. Manifest More. There is nothing more powerful than an aligned intention, especially from a creative and conscious circle. Combining your intentions with that of your circle creates exponential power and results in breakthroughs, growth spurts and making things happen.
  7. Enjoy Built In Support. When you connect deeply and intimately you get to be more than friends, more than a circle. You become family and others readily and happily support you during trying times.

Big Love to all my circles of sisters.

Image: Entwives En Hiver, Kaiorton

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  1. I would Love to Participate! I had one for 7 years until people sort of had different ideas regarding its "purpose." Let me know more! I have smilier feelings of only having a small group of women whom I enjoy hanging out with and am willing to be myself! THANK YOU for being YOU and asking for what you would Love to create! I am in!

  2. I’m in the circle! Thank you for your bravery in producing such
    raw material Adela. I have had a similar path in female integration,
    and found the inner sanctum of the ‘ring’ to be a good form of bonding.
    The synergy and ‘tribal’ experience has been a wonderful learning forum
    to bring more energy to ‘live’ interactions.

    Thank you sistah!

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