July 30


6 Ways to Jumpstart Personal and Planetary Evolution

By Adela Rubio

July 30, 2011


If you’re a visionary, a creative catalyst or a change agent, these are exciting times! The internet has leveled the playing field for those who want to make a difference in the world.  A passionate tribe leader can create the same visibility, that only a short while ago, was possible only for corporate giants with the help of organized mega-media.

Everyone, and anyone, can share their message and ‘be the change.’ Evolutionary vision is no longer limited to a small circle, or secret club.  Today, the same words that are in the daily lexicon of conscious entrepreneurs are uttered in the halls of corporate America and delivered internationally in keynote speeches.

If you’re looking for things to change in your world, there’s no better time to start than right now and no better place to start than you. Nothing out there shifts, until you do. And change begins with you.

Today, there is no reason to walk around clueless and bemoan the circumstances and conditions of your life. You can awaken to the power that is your birthright and bring change to every aspect of your world.

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything,
but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do something that I can do.
Helen Keller

It doesn’t matter whether you are a head of household or running your business, if you experience any of the following it may point to your being the Agent of Evolution:

  • Energy that feels diminished or constricted.
  • Emotions that zap your zest.
  • Separation from your sources of joy.
  • A cluttered, confused and chaotic mind
  • Sensations of heaviness, sluggishness or tightness in the body

Discomfort, or a lack of ease, in your body, mind and spirit are clear signs that you are positioned at the portal of possibility. It may show up as resistance to a task, an uncomfortable exchange with someone, feeling ‘less than or uncertain’ about something. No matter what it is, if something has your full on attention, it’s yours to explore.

If you really want to make the world a better place, start with YOU! Here are some shifts that will instantly transport you to the playground of Evolution:

1. Partner with Life. If you truly want to be a conscious change agent then the first thing to do is open up to the power source that creates life, and consequently has the rocket fuel to propel your every movement. Whether you call it God, Source, Life or Love, it is the dynamic, alivening power that gives rise to everything, everywhere.

2. Let Your Light Shine. It is easy to think you can’t make a difference, especially if you suppose that you must do BIG things, like lead a cause or champion a movement. As you move through the world, self expressed and unleashed, you model what’s possible. It inspires others into their own recognition and that’s how you ‘change the world.’ It can be in your own back yard, or on a global playground, either way you are the ‘engine of evolution.’

3. Engage the Living Essence in ALL things. NOTHING is inanimate – everything has life, energy and possibility. Nothing is static! All is in exquisite and dynamic flow and movement. See the brilliance in others. Bring it into play in ALL your relationships, projects and adventures. View your ‘story’ as up for interpretation. Explore what aspect of ‘your story’ is up for review and revision. Life is pulsating with aliveness and now IS the new. Everything can be re-aligned to its brilliance!

4. Take Responsibility for your Point of View. You are the source creator of your experience. Shift the ‘less than’ perspective by choosing to explore a new point of view. There is a new paradigm for creating change in the world today and it is accessible to you this very minute. You don't have to do things the old way – with lots of effort, pain and drudgery. All you have to do is partner with it now.

5. Explore an Empowering Perspective. As you tune into your point of view, and unhook from the surface level of reality, you’re going to notice that there are multiple perspectives. To be the change requires shifts in thinking and being. Different choices then arise that lead to new actions. Invite curiosity into the sandbox, even as you feel the discomfort of the uncharted landscape. Choice is an act of personal power. It grows with use!

6. Engage the Power of Passionate Possibility. Tell the truth. How often do you bemoan the problem vs engage the possibility? Is it any wonder that as much as you  you want a different world, the same one keeps showing up on your doorstep? If you want to shift what IS, you need to feed what wants to BE, right now. Possibility is the playground of your vision. It’s where your actions sculpt your vision into being.

Adela Rubio - Evolutionary Being

Being the change is woven into your DNA. You are an evolutionary being, from a long line of visionaries. Tap into your innate design to BE the change. Reality IS flexible: It is woven by visionaries (just like you) activating infinite possibility into the warp and woof of cosmic creation. Love powers vision, vision fuels action, action realigns reality. Be the change! Life clamors for your Essence.

Want help in jumpstarting your evolution or your visionary business? Email me and let's set up a time to chat.

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