August 22


5 Simple Practices to Boost Your Energy

By Adela Rubio

August 22, 2008

Energy, Practice

Are you running low on juice? Could you use a higher grade of octane?

If you need more energy than you have available it could be an indicator that you're due for some revitalization. If you're feeling worn down you may have a demand on your energy that is calling for an upgrade.

Whatever the reason for your energy lull consider the source for a moment. Is it in your body? Your emotions? Your thinking? Is it outside of you? Often when you experience a shift an energy it may not be something that is ‘yours.' It could be a collective energy shift and your energy may be engaged otherwise.

To take charge of your personal energy try out these 5 practices. They're sure to free up some wattage and increase your energy currency:

  1. Give up Being Right. . . even when you are. There is nothing to be gained by a battle of right vs wrong. It's actually probably not even true. Notice that everyone always has ‘some' element of truth from their perspective. The problem is the argument. You cannot move into an expanded energetic when your energy and that of another is constricted. That is what happens in the right/wrong shuffle.
  2. Engage in Periodic Cleansing. Just like your auto, your body needs maintenance. Give it a break from your routine diet. Periods of rest, where digestion is light, are great for healing the body. There are many, many cleanses around. If you are a co-conspirator in the Standard American Diet (SAD) – packaged, chemicalized, artificial ingredients, etc – your body will benefit immensely from whole foods and light fare. It will help to refine your taste buds. Foods will taste yummier and you'll pick up nuances of flavor that have been lost to your palate. Pick one day of the week to lighten your load and amp your energy.
  3. Declutter Your Space. Your space should reflect you right NOW! Ok, if it's in your closet and you haven't worn it in a year bequeath it to your local charity or put it on eBay. If you're saving notebooks from a course you took 5 years ago chances are you've already gotten everything you were going to get from it. Take a look around your home and office spaces and notice what is no longer in alignment with who you are today.
  4. Try Something New. Break out of your routine, same old, same old. Take a risk, venture out into untried territory. It can be as simple as taking a different route to work or as delicious as sampling different cuisine than you would normally try.
  5. Say YES! to what sparks you up. When was the last time you had a BLAST! I'm not talking about a nice time. I mean your energy was a raging force, you were laughing, time expanded and compressed. There's nothing like full out joy to stream energy into you and everything. Ecstatic fun ripples torrentially.

As you try these different practices also tune into how you feel about your energy. Notice if your level of energy is masking something else. Many times being tired or drained is a tale that serves you in different ways. You may need to slow down to recharge, or it can give you the opportunity to notice what you otherwise wouldn't have the bandwidth for. In the end, lack of energy may have a bigger story for you to engage.

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