January 13


#5 Passionate Presence Principle: Power

By Adela Rubio

January 13, 2009

Being Bootcamp

Power, the ability to do or act; the capability of doing
or accomplishing something; might force; authority.

What if power were not something external?
What if power were your birthright,
a natural outpouring of who you are?
What if the only gap is the owning of your authority?

= = = = = = = =

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength
in the service of my vision, then it becomes less
and less important whether I am afraid.” Audre Lorde:

= = = = = = = =

Power, like an atomic reactor
Pulsates within the physical you
Fields of rippling energy fields
Surround and permeate your body
Feel, as the barriers to the raging torrent
Of energy dammed up within you, unleashes

Feel the primal energy of YOU
Lining up, amping up, propelling your being
Into a powerful, vibrant, kinesthetic symphony
Of beyond the edge sensing,
Spilling over the known . . .
into new streams of sensing
Trying on the tenor of a new terrain

Breathe in the Power
And Exhale . . .

Your breath is a bridge
Between your body and your being
It is a vital energy transformer
An indicator and of energy flow
Tune in deeply and notice the
Breath of the Power Being
From here, upon your throne of authority
Tell me who you are and what you know
Skim the surface, plumb the depths
Reveal the form and flavor,
The essence of what your power
Is here to bring to life

Command your awareness
To awaken to what’s true
Claim your authority to be
Relentlessly, organically you.

Breathe in the Power
And Exhale . . .

“Dream no small dreams for they have
no power to move the hearts of men.” Goethe

Are you still ‘buying it' or ‘being it?”
Are you still looking for it out there?
Or have you found it in here!
You are your reason for being.
Forget fate and the grand design
Life is here to be sculpted by you
YOU were designed to be the
Experience of life
What will you mold with your clay?

The point of power is your choice
What do you choose?

Breathe in the Power
And Exhale . . .

Transformation is your nature
You are the winsome wizard.
Worlds arise from your breath
Planets are birthed from your yearnings
Use the power of your emotions
To propel you into powerful and purposeful play.

Breathe in the Power
And Exhale

Feel the legion of light
In concert with your every movement
Feel the more being added unto you
Expand into the superconnection of
Your collective, connective nature
You are the more of life
Orchestrating a unique rhapsody of light and love
You are NEVER alone!
Life is always serving up the
Exponential magnificence of your essence

Breathe in the Power
And Exhale

You are a being of wondrous potential
All it takes for you to BE you is to open
The portal to limitless awareness

Welcome your power. Say yes!
Welcome your brilliance. Say yes!
Welcome your authority. Say yes!
Welcome your responsibility. Say yes!
Welcome your potency. Say yes!
Welcome your radiance. Say yes!
Welcome your intensity. Say yes!
Welcome your capacity. Say yes!
Welcome your lightness. Say yes!
Welcome your freedom. Say yes!
Welcome your abilities. Say yes!
Welcome your strength. Say yes!
Welcome your passion. Say yes!
Welcome your greatness. Say yes!
Welcome your light. Say yes!
Welcome your love. Say yes!
Welcome your consciousness. Say yes!

Breathe in the Power
And Exhale

You are the power of creation
Come to life, here and now,
To BE a marvel and a wonder
To experience and evolve
To engage and propel
Life into more than it ever was before . . .

Say YES to the power
And the light
And the love
And the brilliance
Of you . . .
Say YES . . .

I am.the power
I am the light
I am the love
I am the brilliance

Breathe in the Power
And Exhale

Breathe in the Light
and exhale

Breathe in the Love
and Exhale

Breathe in the Brilliance
and exhale

Breathe in the Yes
and Exhale


I am
I am
I am


©2009 Being Bootcamp (Adela Rubio )

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