July 14


5 Kinds Of Graphic Quotes To Generate Free Traffic

By Adela Rubio

July 14, 2016

Free Traffic to Your Website, Graphic Quotes, Quote Graphics

Graphic quotes are one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of potential subscribers and customers. You know the benefits of using visual content to promote your business, yes? If not check out my blog post, How to Use Visual Content to Market Your Business.

I also shared how to create one of the most popular types of visual content: graphic quotes. You can create your own, easily. I covered that in 3 Steps to Create Your Own Viral Quote Graphics.

Now that you have a better understanding of the power of visual storytelling in content marketing, here are 5 ways to use graphic quotes to generate website traffic:

1. Highlight Your Expertise. Whether it's through writing on your own blog, or while you're teaching or training, the brilliant bits are sure to slip out. You have your own unique way of sharing your wisdom. It doesn't matter how many folks are out there teaching the same thing. The way you say it, will connect with the folks you serve. Capture those brilliant bytes into graphic quotes and share them generously.

2. Promote Your Giveaways. Social media is powerful. You get that, right? Pull out the wisdom and key teaching points nestled in your giveaway and share frequently on social media with a link back to the giveaway page. Create a graphic quote to go with it and you've got instant free traffic.

3. Feature Your Expert Interviews. Whether you're hosting a podcast, expert interview or virtual summit, one of the best ways to drive traffic back to your website is to share your speaker tips as graphic quotes. Better yet, gift your guest the graphic quotes so that they can use it in their own marketing. It's sure to be appreciated.

4. Share Your Latest Blog Post. Pull the teaching points from your blog post and create graphic quotes from the key points. This is especially easy if you're sharing 4 steps, 3 keys, etc. I can usually pull 4-5 quotes from my blog posts. This allows you to share the same post on social media in different ways. Remember to link back to your blog post so that folks can read all your gems. (That's how you get free traffic to your website and potential subscribers.)

5. Start a Discussion. There's no better way to engage your potential clients and customers than to have a discussion on your area of expertise. I often use graphic quotes from some of my favorite teachers on perennial wisdom and business marketing to share my own perspective on my topics and themes.

If you're part of my community (whether you're on my mailing list or my social media feeds) you already get a sense of what those topics and themes are: personal evolution, conscious marketing, freeing your essence, self-care mastery, and building online community. The more you share your expertise the more you get to engage folks on your message.

Share graphic quotes from your favorite authors and teachers on social media to start a discussion (when you hit on a hot topic the discussion starts all on its own). This isn't a one-shot deal. Post on social media consistently, in order to engage your market. (Facebook Groups are a great way to do this, but that's the topic for another post.)

Graphic Quotes are all about content marketing! It's one of the most magnetic ways to share your experience and expertise so that your potential clients and customers get a sense of your brilliance and want a piece of it. They're especially powerful because they are bits of wisdom that can go viral. That lets you know what your market is hungry for and you can give them more of what they want. After all, you're here to serve!

Want to learn how to create your own quote graphics? Join us for a free training webinar!

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