August 8


5 BIG Shifts Themes That Lead to Quantum Leaps

By Adela Rubio

August 8, 2013

Big Shifts 21-Day


In the past 5 months I've been having lots of conversations about BIG Shifts.

Connecting with like minded colleagues who have navigated their own BIG Shifts seemed like an obvious path to explore. I know – from hosting 16 virtual events – that partnering on a powerful topic is a quick way to hone in on the themes you're likely to encounter. Plus I knew it was the best way to pool the collective wisdom of my brilliant colleagues.

As Theodore Zeldin put it:

“Conversation is a meeting of minds with different memories and habits. When minds meet, they don't just exchange facts: they transform them, reshape them, draw different implications from them, engage in new trains of thought. Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the cards; it creates new cards.”

5 BIG Shifts Themes

I'll be hosting a BIG Shifts series this fall, but in the meantime let me share the 5 BIG Shift themes you're likely to encounter. You might find yourself in one of these BIG Leap opportunities right about now:

1. Home. You might be up for a relocation, an upgrade or a serious reshuffling of your home environment. This includes not only the physical elements but the energetic elements of what creates ‘home' for you. There's a potential to move beyond home as a specific location and explore it as a state of being.

2. Body. If you've been buzzing along and treating your body like an after thought, get ready for a full out partnership. Your body is calling for a higher level of care and connection. This can show up as a health challenge, a desire to take better care of yourself, or even an adventure to rewire the tic toc of time. Reality is flexible and so is your body. Tap into the dynamic power of your physicality.

3. Business/Work. This may show up as re-branding in your business or leaving a job to start your own passion based business. It could also occur as a breakdown in your business, losing your job or clients and moving in a totally new direction. You explore new out of the box ways to connect with clients and customers. It's not the same old business anymore.  Your work must be sourced from a deeper place.

4. Money. Your relationship to money has changed. Money is not the focus, it is the by product or result of your work in the world. You find that you can't just do it for the money anymore, it must be connected to your passion and purpose. As your focus realigns to the bigger message of your work in the world, an abundance of opportunities, and money, flow to you.

5. Relationships. The time for surface connection is long gone, whether it's in business, family or your intimate relationships. A higher order of relating is yearning to be through you, so the typical qualities or values that might have worked before don't anymore. You don't relate to others from need, but from a desire to co-create.

Which area of your world is up for a BIG Leap? Make sure to post below and amp up your dynamic intention! Ready to take a leap in the quality of your day to day moments? Let me know what BIG Shift you're ready to dive into below.

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  1. What I may have referred to as lack of confidence is merely been the lack of presence. The ‘being/knowing’ so much more Powerful and Energetic!
    Thanks for a great trip 🙂

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