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4 Ways to Celebrate Gratitude

Are you celebrating your everyday abundance?

What if you went beyond the thoughtful acknowledgment of your blessings and unleashed the energy of celebration?

Celebrations aren't only for birthdays and anniversaries. They are one of the most powerful practices for making the world of your thoughts and feelings real.

I don't mean party hats and streamers. Celebration is more about your emotional connection.  It is the true expression of appreciation from your heart, not an intellectual tally. In the same way that adjusting the focus on a camera lens brings a picture into crystal clarity, celebrating even the smallest of gratitudes brings your true nature into view.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more
there is in life to celebrate.
Oprah Winfrey

Here are 4 ways to bring the gift of gratitude celebration to your everyday moments:

1. Recite your Gratitude Mantra. Think of a specific phrase that will elicit your sense of wonder and wow. You might start off with popcorning your favorite high vibing words on a page and then playing around with combinations. You'll know you've hit on the right mantra when saying the words out loud opens your heart and heightens your happiness.

2. Do Your Gratitude Dance. This isn't so much a choreographed dance as a combination of movements that elicit joy in your body and being. You might try whirling around in a circle like a Sufi or doing a little dance that's even silly and fun. Unleash your inner child and play. Dive into the dance to celebrate your abundance and flow.

3. Create a Gratitude Celebration Board. Go to your local arts and crafts store and buy a poster board. Use your own pictures and magazine clippings, colored pens and stickers, to capture your gratitude celebration. Place it in a prominent place in your sacred space where you can visit and immerse yourself in the ecstatic energy of celebration.

4. Gather in a Gratitude Circle. You might try out meeting once a month, or a week, with like-minded friends and enjoying your favorite gratitude rituals together. Not only will it ensure that you actually follow through with your celebration practice, but it will amplify the power of your celebration. There is no greater power than when you gather in a community with an aligned intention.

The magic thread throughout all of these expressions is the heartfelt joy and connection that permeate your celebrations. As you celebrate your gratitude you tap into the infinite stream of grace and bring everyday bliss to your life.

How do you celebrate gratitude? Please share in the comments below.

Image: Clematis, Brenda Starr


Energy Practice, The Gratitude Project

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    peace is more than a topic of choice
    I think it is more than a personal decision
    I believe IT IS and that’s it!
    it’s breath–life–death
    is dependent on action
    my action–your action–our collective action

    one thought–one knowing
    one moment of trust
    one word spoken in kindness
    is enough to ignite and delight PEACE

    more is contagious
    and more and more and more
    pave the way to changes inside
    changes in me and maybe in you

    in moments of confusion–anger–pain
    yes, even the real physical pain
    we are vulnerable and prone to misaligned action–reaction
    peace asks for our understanding–our patience

    peace shares its gift
    the calm balm of rest, safety and knowing
    a knowing so clear and so pure
    that confusion, distortion, alienation
    have no place to live in me
    and I think, no place in you

    I pray we share the gift
    I invite you to join me if only for a moment
    with a shared and focused choice

    December 30, 2013 1:06 a.m. Angela Barnes

  2. The Glow of Peace

    the glow of peace
    is like a sweet surrender
    going home but not alone

    the light of peace
    ember or a flaming fire
    guides me home

    the sight of peace
    reunites my soul
    makes me whole

    but knowing peace
    infuses me with relief
    and belief

    I am home

    Dec 30 ’13 Angela Barnes

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