November 29


4 Steps to Freeing Your Limiting Beliefs with Gratitude

By Adela Rubio

November 29, 2011

Energy Shifts, Enlightened Gratitude, Limiting Beliefs

Are you happy with the quality of your everyday moments? Are your relationships rich, your work rewarding, and the essence of your experiences engaging and exhilarating? Your world mirrors the through-line of your thinking. If you're not quite content with what's showing up on the outside, then it's time to explore the inner workings of your playground.

Lots has been written on shifting your limiting beliefs. There is tremendous value in identifying those thoughts that constrict your flow and engaging them at a conscious level. However, if you're not getting results with this strategy you might want to shift gears and try another approach.

Limiting beliefs can be slippery eels and a direct approach can sometimes be counterproductive. Instead, focus on what opens your flow. Getting into a feel-good state is a much more graceful, and fun, way to create a new reality!

Here's an exploration to help you distill the essence of gratitude out of EVERY encounter:

1. Reflect on the ten areas below and gauge your flow. Assign a number from 1-10, indicating your level of flow (with 10 being full expression and 1 being limited expression).

Health                                                            Spirituality/Inner World
Career/Business                                          Home Environment
Creativity                                                      Relationships
Finances                                                        Social Life
Education                                                      Joy/Fun

2. Identify the areas where your flow is a 10. Spend some time listing all the reasons why it's a 10. List all the evidence you can find that makes these areas pop at a 10. Feel the abundance of gratitude for these gifts. Really sink into the sensation of feeling how awesome it is to be YOU in these areas. You can write for as long as you like. There's no timer set.

3. Identify the areas where your flow is constricted. Look at what numbers you registered for each of those areas. Be guided by how you feel, more than the number you indicated. Give thanks for the limitation. This may sound counter-intuitive, but everything is a gift. Whenever you feel ‘less than' about something, it's an invitation to move you into the ‘more than.' Feel the abundance of gratitude that is within your reach for ALL of it.

4. Focus on the feeling of flow and bring it to those areas that are not in flow at the moment. This is not an exercise of the intellect… yet. Bring the sensation of abundant flow from the areas where you're a 10 and imbue the constricted elements of your world with the abundance of your flow. Luxuriate in the joy, creativity, and fun of the fullness of your expression. Once you're in that high vibing state notice if there's anything in any of those areas that want your attention. You might get an idea, an insight, you might even feel moved to take some action. Follow the energy!

Gratitude is a high vibing state of being. Spending more time in gratitude, no matter what changes your perspective. Gratitude makes you look at the present moment square in the face and become conscious of all the good things you have in life, even the apparent ‘bad' ones.

The more that gratitude inhabits your world on a regular basis, the more it will become your default point of view. The more you recognize all the good things in life to be grateful about, the more your perspective shifts. When your perspective shifts your limiting beliefs start to loosen their tight grip. Possibilities that you weren't able to see start to make their presence known. Gratitude helps clear old thought patterns and frees your limiting beliefs.

Yay Gratitude!

Image by AizelKon on Deviant Art

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  1. Thank you Adela and Tribe…physical and other worldly. We are so close, we can feel us! I am grateful for ALL of US.
    Adela as you walk through your day of honoring your Aunt and her journey, you are so close to the heavens and I know you will SEE the radiance of all those present who are pulling themselves up so as to feel close to her today. In that, you will blend your Brilliance and feel the Oneness…the gift the departed leave for us. EnJoy!
    My heart is with you today.

    1. Thanks, Stevie. This time has been an extraordinary opportunity to BE what I know and facilitate… Love IS! Everything else is a misunderstanding. Thank you, darling. 😉

  2. Love the wet noodle from this morning’s shift. I immediately all the possible movement w a wet noodle, the flow, the shapes, the sounds, the taste and as only you can so elegantly put it, the moreness. Moreness in a Wet Noodle.

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