December 8


4 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business

By Adela Rubio

December 8, 2011

Business Tips

If you're anything like I used to be, marketing and promoting your services, programs and products might be one of the aspects of your business that creates a lot of angst. And yet, if you don't market — let people know about your programs, products and services — you don't have a business! Here's why…

Marketing is learning, anticipating, listening, engaging, contributing, compelling, submersing, innovating, capturing, captivating, motivating, inspiring, responding, adapting, personifying, influencing, converting, conversing, differentiating, through various methods, vehicles and mediums. [Source Unknown, happy to credit]

Are YOU making any of these mistakes in your business? I know I did!

  • Your Message Is Bland, Boring and Safe. Ouch! That hurts. I know, that's where most folks are willing to go because they're afraid to bring the full Monty of who they are to the party. BIG mistake! Here's the thing, I know you've heard it's about content (and it is to some extent) it's also about who YOU are and how YOU facilitate the experience of change for another. There are loads of people teaching the same stuff you are (you can get hung up on that one too). Only YOU can serve the people that are ON for your message, so you best bring the party dress and the wand to the party. Expert Interviews focuses on creating a valuable experience. As you relax into who you are in the world and the message you're passionate to share, your ‘small self' fades into the background and your ‘brilliant being' comes to life. It is something that can only be experienced, and Expert Interviews are a perfect vehicle to gain clarity and confidence about your work in the world and how to BEST articulate it.
  • You Don't Have a Big Enough Reach. You've heard it at almost every marketing training, “The money is in the list.” That's not exactly true. If you treat your Tribe like a list, you won't connect with them. If you don't connect with your Tribe, they'll never get to know you and how you can serve them. If you don't get to serve your Tribe, you don't get to create the change you want to see in the world. You can build your list in a way that's… authentic, heart centered and profitable. You can get started right away on increasing your impact and your reach – and your list – by hosting the simplest joint venture model … Expert Interviews!
  • You're Not in Connection With Your Tribe. You need to be in consistent communication with your Tribe. Unlike a storefront, where you need to show up every day and open the doors to serve your customers, an online business can lull you into complacency. It takes time — and letting others know about your products and services — to tweak your message and offers. Expert Interviews give you an opportunity to be in connection by providing valuable content for your community. This also means being in touch with their problems and how you can help them. This is an ongoing adventure. You invest in your community first, by providing value, and when the offer is in alignment they will reciprocate by purchasing your joint venture partner's programs and services… and even your own!
  • You're Not Making Offers on a Regular Basis. You need to be making money in your business, otherwise it's a hobby. Nothing wrong with that. Just call it that! But … if you want to be in business you need to make offers. You wouldn't dream of not collecting your paycheck regularly, right? This aversion to offering your services serves no one! There's nothing spiritual, or smart, about struggling to meet your expenses. Just as you shower your clients and community with valuable content and experiences, Life wants to reciprocate with its abundance. You need to open to the flow, but first you have to put yourself out there. Expert Interviews takes off all of the initial pressure of making offers to your community. Your expert actually makes the offer, no pressure. As you experience how Enlightened Entrepreneurs offer their work you ‘get it' and can easily do the same for yourself.[/red_tick_list]

Here's the thing, in a conscious business there is NO place to hide. So if you still struggle with the boo-boo's above, it just means you need to serve more people! Then you can fine tune your business message and clearly identify your Tribe. Business is about providing a service, or a product, that solves a problem brilliantly. It's about people, the problems they have and the solutions you deliver. When you're starting out you need to be ‘in it to win it,” like Randy Jackson, from American Idol says.

Being in business is about the consistent and regular practice of your work, in your chosen area of passion. You just need to teach more, coach more, write more, speak more… It's mastery that folks will pay for and you need to earn the experience through ‘doing your work.' Mastery is palpable and people will pay a LOT to work with someone who reeks of it!

Don't hold out and hide out! Market your business like a conscious entrepreneur, serve more people and soar! It's in sharing your solutions, with your Tribe, that the world becomes a better place.

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