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4 Environments that Easily Elicit Gratitude

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give
thanks for another day of loving.
 Kahlil Gibran

There are times when the energy of gratitude might prove a little challenging to invoke. The best way to shift your energy, when your focus is scattered is to access the energy of abundance through nourishing environments.

Here are four environments that will easily elicit gratitude:

1. Intentional Community. One of the most powerful environments is a community that gather's for a specific intention. You can easily find these communities by contacting your local yoga studio, house of worship or even Or, you can host your own. One of my favorites: lead a writer's circle.  There's nothing like gathering with other highly aware playmates and engaging in regular inspirational writing. You can do this in person, or you can make it super easy and gather on the phone.

2. Contemplative practice. Whether it's mindfulness, meditation, morning pages, or prayer, a contemplative practice will connect you with what's true. What's more you don't need anything but yourself, the intention to practice and immersion in your practice. There are infinite contemplative practices, the four I mention are pretty popular and easy to implement, no matter your spiritual persuasion.

3. Worship.  Whether it's at your traditional house of worship, a Unity church or a Wiccan ritual, gathering to give praise and honor ‘the creator' is an experience that will invoke the remembrance of the sacredness of life. This collective affirmation is powerful. It is the oldest form of gratitude, giving thanks to the source of infinite creation, no matter what you call it.

4. Celebration. You don't need a special occasion to celebrate. You can make it a regular practice. Celebrate the people in your life, for  who they are, and not so much for the things that they do. Celebrate your small wins, as well as the big ones. Celebrate the beauty that surrounds you. Celebrate your breath. Celebrate!

Immerse yourself in powerful and sacred environments. It will recalibrate your being and remind you of who you are. Gratitude is then, inevitable.

Image: Buddah's Heart, RC Designer



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