November 14


3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Gratitude Vibe

If you look at gratitude as the abundant flow of who you are, you'll immediately sense how simple the expression of gratitude can really be.

The natural outflow of gratitude will show up in infinite and creative ways. You won't even need the ‘How to Show Your Gratitude' ebook. (smile)

But… sometimes you may just need to jumpstart your gratitude vibe.  For whatever reason, you've lost the connection to your mojo and you need a little energetic CPR.

Here are three things that will shift your energy instantly:

1. Read  Sufi Poetry. Two great Sufi poets are Rumi and Hafiz. Their writings have been translated into English and don't lose their power to inspire in translation.  Here's a taste of Hafiz:

Even after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with
A love like that.
It lights the whole sky.

Check out Rumi's, The Guest House, for an instant energy upgrade. These two will make your soul sing!

2. Place a ‘Gratitude Call.' Intimacy Alert!! Nothing will boost your energy faster than calling someone and sharing your appreciation. You might point out things you love about them – qualities, characteristics, strengths – or thank them for who they are in your world and what's been possible for you because they are in your life. Remember to be authentically you – that might be high vibe energetic, serene stillness or somewhere in between. It might feel like a risky place to put yourself at first, but this level of intimacy is way beyond the words you speak. You'll feel the inevitable outflow of gratitude reverberating through your body and your world.

3. Engage the Infinite Heart. This is an energy adventure. Breathe, relax, expand and superconnect to All That Is. Feel, sense and know yourself as a bio-energetic portal to now, your infinite inner sourceness giving rise to your ever evolving expression. Imagine that your heart is a point in the Infinite Heart. Feel the legion of light, sense the superconnection to ALL, know that you co-create the here and now and bring it into being. Feel, sense and know yourself as an essential expression of Life!

Any of these three will do the trick. Whether you avail yourself of a more ‘personal experience' like reading the inspired poetry, a relationship experience like the gratitude call, or a cosmic experience of engaging the Infinite Heart, your energy will shift lickety split.

Want to power boost your energy mojo? Do all three and you'll be movin' and groovin' to the gratitude dance in a flash!

Image: Big Heart, Q Thomas Bower



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  1. I agree. Beautiful writing and photo today. Still flowing in it. I continued the shift after the call and had a vision of us hanging out together like kids sharing candy. I was handing out a candy to everyone that you may have eaten as a kid called “sweettarts,” except the word that I saw was “sweethearts.” Did you get it? 🙂
    Here is a link to a poem by Hafiz that I enjoy

    Abundant love and gratitude,

  2. When I got up this morning, I wrote in my journal: “Groovin’ and movin’…motto for the day.” Then I read this. Another clear example that we’re all connected! Ah, Rumi and Hafiz …so wonderful to connect with my brothers. Thank you, Adela. Great to be your partner in the gratitude dance! Yes!

  3. Outstanding! The energy of your writing Energized me 🙂

    Love the Hafiz qoute. I may be on the lookout for that collection.

    Thank you for your suggestions & enthusiasm.
    In Gratitude, Paula

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