3 Ways to Invoke The Language of Gratitude

Words are incantations. They capture the energy of your imaginings and solidify visions into form and physicality.

Speaking brings things into being. Notice how your self-talk is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you focus on not having money, your failing relationship or your excess weight, the more that your words become your reality. The converse is also true.

Imagine what occurs in your body, and what ripples into your world, when you speak disempowering words, words that are critical and diminish your sense of power and possibility. Consider the shifts in consciousness that would occur if you focused instead on the language of gratitude.

If you've forgotten the language of gratitude, you'll never be on speaking terms with happiness. Proverbs

Words embody specific energy frequencies. Think of sacred prayers and chants. They have power not only because of the words themselves, and the energy they contain, but also because they contain the collective intentions of billions of people over time and space. Think of how your words contribute to the weave of creation!

Gratitude is a high vibing frequency and expands exponentially. Your attention is one of the most powerful resources in your transformation toolkit. Shining the light of gratitude on the people and events in your life,  especially when it's challenging, shifts you into the playground of possibility. Gratitude benefits not only the receiver, and the giver, but all who come in contact with the energy of your blessings.

How To Increase Gratitude With Your Words

Try these simple ways to bring the language of gratitude to your everyday moments:

  • Sing a song of thank you's. Water your plants, wash your dishes, visit your Facebook wall … all the while singing a chorus of “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Feel the energy AS you speak the words and direct your energy of thankfulness to the recipient of your Thank You.
  • Lather on the appreciation. This might feel a little awkward at first, but liberal application of appreciation at every opportunity will create a torrent of abundance in your world. Praise the small things. Point out the things that are normally taken for granted. A simple, “Dinner was especially delicious tonight” will light up your family's dinner table. If you get to deliver the appreciation in person, make sure that you look in the recipient's eyes. Your appreciation will land solidly when you add the deepening connection of your heartfelt gaze.
  • Use negative self-talk as an awareness switch. Every time you think, or say, something negative, use that as a pathway to awareness. Don't beat yourself up. Use the experience as an opportunity to claim your ability to shift instantly. Be ‘at choice' instead of being at the effect of negative nah nah's.

In a world that regularly goes out of its way to point out what's wrong with you, gratitude is the wizard's wand that proclaims what's right. As you use the power of your attention to focus your flow on what's good in your world, it won't only create abundance in your world, it will do the same for everyone who experiences the power of your gratitude.

Image: Kumar's Edit, Heart Cups Contribution


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