December 27


3 Ways to Shift Your Focus to Gratitude

By Adela Rubio

December 27, 2013

The Gratitude Project

What you experience in your world is a direct result of your focus. Those things that you pay attention to most are what get recreated in your world, over and over and over. I'm sure this isn't news to you, but it bears repetition.

If you're not happy with the way your world is now, the way to shift it is to change what's going on inside of you. That conversation that you have with yourself about what's not working and how things suck has to change.

The first step in making a change is the desire to change. Next comes the step of awareness, an ever widening spiral. The more you hit the pause button to check out your thinking, the more you notice. This opens up a brilliant world, where you come into intimate awareness of what's you and what's not you.

I won't lie and tell you this is easy. It takes consistent application, especially in the beginning. It took decades to create your current groove, with focused attention you can certainly speed up the process. The good news is that the awareness playground will gift you an extraordinary life: a life that is magical and wondrous!

Here are 3 ways to incorporate gratitude into your everyday world and shift your focus:

1. Write your gratitude. Use a gratitude journal, a gratitude list or a gratitude jar. Writing is one of the ways in which we bring thoughts, ideas and feelings into the realm of the physical world. A thought made real is a ripple in the pond of creation. Seed greatness in yourself and others by sharing your appreciation for your abundance.

2. Share your gratitude. If you really want to get your gratitude on go go, pay it forward with random acts of kindness. Giving with no expectation of return primes the pump for abundance in your world. It's also solid proof of all that you have and that there's plenty to go around.

3. Speak your gratitude. The most powerful form of this focus is face to face. There's nothing quite like looking into someone's eyes and speaking your gratitude. They – and you – get it on SO many levels. If you can't deliver your gratitude in person, then a phone call is next best. The human voice has tremendous power. Use yours for good.

Gratitude practices work because they slowly change the way you perceive a situation by adjusting what you focus on. Before you know it, you are walking around with an open heart and mind and you see everything differently. Gratitude transforms the mundane into the magical.

Let's make magic!


Image: Dhilung Kirat, The Way It Is

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  1. okay, I noticed
    well, do it again
    and again and again…
    let it steep–reap–leap
    hmm… isn’t it nice
    that breath of life
    that wondrous glimpse of life
    the ray of sun
    new day begun
    hmm…it ‘s more than nice
    it’s renovation
    okay, do it again
    I will

    Angela Dec 27, 13

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