3 Steps to Create Your Own Viral Quote Graphics

It’s no secret that visuals boost the quality and success of any marketing content on the web. Whether it's a webpage, a blog post, or an ebook, image choices can make the difference between someone clicking on a post or passing it up completely. This holds especially true for quote graphics.

If you missed my previous post on How to Use Visual Content to Market Your Business (Or Share a Message You're Passionate About) read that first so you know the how and why of using images to promote your business.

Tell the truth: it's impossible to pass up a great quote graphic! When you find that perfect combination of an image that captures the promise of the words you're eager to share, it's riveting. You can't help but share it.

That's exactly what you want to do with your own marketing message. You want to use tools that make them irresistibly shareable! Quote graphics are a great way to share key points about the work you do and also to brand your message.

I LOVE creating quote graphics. If you follow me on social media you'll see I share them pretty much on a daily basis. They get lots of likes, comments and shares.

Ready to Create Your Own Viral Quote Graphics?

Osho - Freedom

Here's a recent quote graphic that I shared, which was pretty popular on several social networks. You can easily create your own too. Here's how:

1. Pick a quote. Choose one that calls to you and the message you are eager to share. There are hundreds of quotes sites. I usually search for a topic, author or theme (and add the word ‘quotes'), like forgiveness quotes, Osho quotes or Spiritual quotes. I also collect them on an ongoing basis. Whenever I see a great quote shared on social media or in my reading, I'll copy and add it to a note on Evernote with a tag for the topic (my favorite information organization tool). This helps me quickly find quotes to share. You can download this app for free! (I couldn't live without it.)

2. Find an image. There are hundreds of sites that provide free stock photography. Make sure they come with a Creative Commons License 0. That means you are free to use the images personally and commercially. My favorite spot right now is The Stocks, it showcases free stock photography from 21 of the top sites like Unsplash, Graphicstock, Pixabay, Gratisography and more. I collect stock photography on a regular basis in Evernote, and tag with the topic. This is how I create quote graphics in a flash.

3. Create your quote graphic. Again, there are many sites that will help you create quote graphics and you can find them on your computer and your smart phone. My all time favorite is Canva. I've been using it for a while and it's really easy to create great quote graphics with this free tool. There's also a paid option with extra features. (My system on Canva is also another reason why it's easy peasy to create quote graphics on the fly.)

These are the 3 steps I use to create quote graphics that build buzz for your business and position you as the perfect solution for your market's problems.

While the mechanics of creating quote graphics are easy to learn, there are two mindset perspectives to look for when picking the perfect image for your quote graphic. It's the way we're wired as humans so you might as well meet your market where they live. I'll share that in my free business training below.

FREE GIFT: Here's a sample of some quote graphics that I created on the topic of freedom. It's a free download gift of 14 quote graphics for you! (Unbranded)

Whether you teach meditation or marketing, images help you share your message and your business solutions. Join us to learn how you can easily create your own quote graphics…

3 Steps to Creating Viral Quote Graphics
Business Byte Training Webinar

Recently I hosted a training webinar sharing my insider tips on creating quote graphics really fast. It's one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your website and they're SO much fun to create. Sign up for the next webinar below (and get access to all webinar replays too).

Next… learn 5 Ways to Use Quote Graphics to Boost Your Business.


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