3 Simple Ways to Share Your Appreciation

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. William James

You don't have to wait for a special occasion, like Thanksgiving or Birthdays, to express your appreciation. An attitude of gratitude is one of the quickest ways to upgrade your everyday vibe.

Think of appreciation as gratitude's twin sister. Everyone wants to be seen and heard, noticed and valued, and yes, appreciated!

It's no secret that most folks, especially women, feel under appreciated. Everyday tasks can put you in the role of primary caretaker – cooking, cleaning, car pooling – executing mundane tasks where appreciation is often overlooked. Paradoxically, appreciation gives you energy. If you're in the business of giving you'll want to pay close attention. The energy of appreciation will quickly boost your spirits.

Appreciation is not only at the core of all healthy relationships, it is also a tool to align your point of view to a positive perspective.

Let's explore some simple ways to shift this habit and show your appreciation for those who impact your life in a positive way.

Appreciate With Your Energy

  1. Smile. There's nothing yummier than a full smile. When someone unleashes a smile on you, it's almost impossible not to smile right back. Try it next time you're walking down the street.
  2. See The Light. Everything that has life has light, whether it's people or pebbles. See the light within everything and it will bring your Being into full presence. You'll be here, right now!

Appreciate With Your Words

  1. Write a  note of appreciation. Remember the last time you received an unsolicited thank you from a client or a colleague. Didn't it make your day? Go ahead, make someone's day! Make sure that your note is specific and personal. Don't generalize your appreciation, point out specific actions, talents, or qualities that were helpful and how they made a difference.
  2. Write a ‘Love You' Letter. Write a note to a friend, client or colleague letting them know 3-5 things you love about them. Let loose the emotions and the praise! Share your appreciation fully and authentically. Let them know specifically what is SO wonderful about them.

Appreciate With Your Actions

  1. Give a hug. Yes it can be that simple. Studies done by the Touch Institute in Miami indicate the positive results of touch, including:  enhanced attentiveness, alleviated depressive symptoms,  reduced pain, reduced stress hormones, and improved immune function. Touch is good!
  2. Share a meal. Whether you cook a meal, make some cookies, or treat a friend to a night out, food is a primary connector. It taps into our sense of celebration.  There's nothing more comforting or connective than to break bread as a way to honor and appreciate.

Appreciation is a transformative experience. It not only shifts the  energy and experience of the recipient, it also bequeaths the giver the infinite gifts of gratitude!


Image: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 17 – Aussiegall


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  1. What a wonderful enlightened gratitude community call this morning. I was reminded that the image of light is so inspirational. I saw my being as a flash of light and all around me everyone was sparking and flashing — joining together and creating life. Thank you for being there with me as your multidimensional self.

    Thank you Adela – I resonate with the thought that appreciation is gratitude’s twin sister.

    Thank you all from my expanded heart. I love you,

    1. Gina-Dianne,

      It’s always awesome to have such a heart expanded light worker like you in our circle. I welcome the sisterhood and your ability to language energy too, my friend. Much love!

  2. Hello all…I am flowing in this colorful music and light from this morning’s shift…Thank you so much to Adela and to you all….I am sooo grateful to be merged with this Light tribe…I feel so uplifted and hugged…what a beautiful way to go into my day…not surprisingly I wrote a letter of appreciation to a friend who hosted a reception last night and it was BEFORE I read this mornings post…so nice to know my higher self was already tuned in to the appreciation tool of the day….Blessings from the Bahamas…you are welcome anytime! SUNNY SMILES and HUGS TO YOU ALL….

    1. Thank you, Kristine, for bringing your lightness to the call. It’s the engagement and energy of each tribe member that co-creates our rich experience. Abrazos!

  3. IF your receive good service from the “help” desk, ask to speak to the supervisor and leave +++ feedback. Express gratitude to all of those folks who make your day brighter and easier: the check-out person, the deli person, the folks at the PO…. the list is endless and the smile they offer in response is worth the time it takes to say THANK YOU.

    1. Great suggestions and reminders, Adela and Nancy. I was so impressed with the service an employee at Auto Zone, in Delray Beach, FL, gave me, without my even buying anything, that I asked for the number and called the corporate office to acknowledge him, the manager. And as I write this, one more thing we can add, is spread the word to others for great service.

      1. I agree. This is a GREAT example. There are SO many ways we can show appreciation. During a particularly difficult spell in my relationship, I would say thank you, and appreciate the trees, on my way to a job in Livingston. I had taken the job, because I’d just separated and moved out and I needed to supplement my coaching income.

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