December 19


3 Simple Ways to Awaken Gratitude with Self Appreciation

By Adela Rubio

December 19, 2013

The Gratitude Project

At last count, there were 97 million Google search results for self-appreciation. Clearly, self-appreciation, or self-esteem, is a top priority for our times.

No matter your spiritual or secular orientation, appreciating yourself is one of the pillars of happiness and your ability to see the richness and abundance in your world.

Some of your early training might get in the way of fully diving into the self-love bash, but give it a whirl and see if these simple practices don't boost your feel-good mojo.

Here are 3 ways to experience the energy of self-appreciation:

1. One Word Appreciation. When you wake up in the morning think of one energy enhancing word that describes you. Revel in it, as if you were in a luxurious bubble bath. Feel the sensation soak the cells of your body. BE that word. Then say, “Thanks!” and go about your day.

2. Say a Blessing. Use your own words, they're always the most powerful, but you might say something like this, “Bless my body, my being, my breath. As I receive Life, I give Life.” For maximal effectiveness say it out loud.  Then say, “Thanks!” and go about your day.

3. Love Gaze. Take a moment as you're showering and dressing to gaze at your body with love, connect from the deepest aspect of your being, and let the love beam all over you as if you were taking a love shower.  Then say, “Thanks!” and go about your day.

Here’s the thing, this doesn't have to be difficult. In the same way that your current worldview – and level of appreciation – is the accumulation of many moments of ‘less than' thinking, these simple practices can awaken the real you, the Essence of who you really are.

Give it a try. You'll be glad you did, and so will the rest of the folks in your life. As you honor and bless yourself, you more readily honor and bless others, and the world.

How do you show your self-appreciation? Please share in the comments below.

Image: Jesslee Cuizon, Orange Haired

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