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3 Rituals to Claim You Are the Light of the World!

Winter Solstice is a time-honored tradition honoring the perennial truth that YOU are the light of the world. For millennia, mankind has marked this cycle of the year – when darkness reigns and we hold out for the hope of light – with traditions illustrating that Winter with its barren and naked pose holds the seeds for the bursting rebirth of Life. After the longest night of the year, we celebrate the gradual return of the light.

The cycles of Life mirror the cycles of nature. The Winter Solstice is a perfect time for ritual, reflection, and renewal. We have an opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection to nature, ourselves and the world around us. It is a time to feed the soul and nurture the spirit. It is within the deep, dark of winter that we can enter the inner cave, excavate and explore the deeper meaning of our lives.

Life calls us to leave behind the mad rush of surface expectations and descend into the inner womb of our long-held dreams and deepest desires. Perhaps this year, this time, we are poised to embody more of our truest selves.

You Are the Light of the World, Especially When Its Darkest

you are the light of the world lamp

You are the light of the world, my friends. Whether you celebrate Winter Solstice, Christmas, or Hanukah, you feel the call to love and light up everything around you. This symbolism of light is present in Christmas trees, yule logs, menorahs, candles, decorations. The whole world lights up when things are at their darkest.

The light is most essential when you are immersed in darkness. In fact, light is born from the dark. Think of your deepest darkest moments. Call up just one incident when you felt lost, bereft, at your lowest low. Isn't that when light glimmered and called you into being? You might have been struck by an illuminating passage from a book. A friend may have said just the right words at the right time. It could have been the lightness of a child or a moment in nature calling you into your joy.

None of us are immune to life challenges. Live long enough and you'll run into them. You will be tested by them. Your light will be honed by challenges and crises. Whether you have ready access to your light in times of darkness or not, there are some ways to tap into your innate light more readily.

You Are the Light of the World Rituals

you are the light of the world candle

Rituals honor the unseen aspects of Life. They help us to honor the cycles and seasons that embody the ever-changing flow of life. Rituals also anchor the wisdom of the body and the whispers of your heart. Here are 3 simple rituals to honor the Winter Solstice and your light. Feel free to adapt these. You can do them on your own or with friends or family:

  1. Candlelight Ceremony. Place as many candles as you have participants on a table or altar. Spend a few minutes with all the lights off. As you embrace the darkness, notice what it has gifted you. Have each person name their gifts. Then each person places their candle, forming a circle, lights the candle and offers a blessing. Once everyone has named their gifts and lit the candles you can close with a general blessing in unison: “As the wheel turns, light returns. Happy Solstice!”
  2. Fire Ceremony: Place a cauldron or urn on a table or altar. Place a big candle in the center of the table unlit. Sit in the dark around the table and think of the challenges you've experienced this past year. Notice who you have become as a consequence. What strengths have you gained? What skills have you acquired? When you are all ready to write them down light the big candle. Everyone writes down the challenge on a piece of paper. Each, in turn, burns the paper in the cauldron or urn, while reciting: “With each challenge, I grow wiser, stronger, kinder.”
  3. New Adventure Ceremony: The Winter Solstice is a great time to let go of the old and dive into the new. Make a list of things you'd like to try right now. It could be something you want to learn. It could be a different routine or rhythm. Decide on one thing and take action on it today!

Winter Solstice Blessing

you are the light of the world blessing

As we prepare to cross this sacred portal of dark to light may you tend the sacred fires of your inner being. May the light grow in your home and heart, your circle of love freely flow, and your light radiate evermore!

On the shortest day
And the longest night
Remember your Source
Keep shining your light!

May your Winter Solstice celebration be a time to reclaim your connection to the Source of Life. May you look deeply at small things, feel at home in the world and cherish your unique Essence. You are the light of the world, my friends. Shine on!

Join the Winter Solstice Wisdom Adventure

As I do at this time each year, I am hosting a 13-day event to help you navigate from dark to light, from the old to the new. If you'd like to experience a delicious wise woman circle join us. We begin on Friday, December 21, the Winter Solstice! We'll end on Tuesday, January 1, with a celebration writing circle.

The event can be done on your own or you can join my vibrant community. There will be short daily messages with a writing prompt and a Facebook Community to share. An aligned community is rocket fuel to activate your dreams and visions for the coming year.


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