April 18


3 Online Resources to Stir Your Creative Essence While You Stay at Home (Courtesy of COVID-19)

By Adela Rubio

April 18, 2020

Work at home has been a lifestyle at my house for the past 20 years. I have had some practice on how to stay creatively engaged while working at home.

If you struggle with finding your rhythm working, learning and living in the same space, it is important to realize that you always have some degree of choice over your environment. While you work at home and stay at home you can still design your space to support your creative objectives.

Staying at home does not have to dull your creative edge. I've worked at home for a long time and have created a ton of events and programs. You can have access to a consistent creative flow if you are willing to re-shape your thinking and approach to work. But that's not what this post is about.

Though COVID-19 may have seriously cramped your style, there are also tremendous opportunities. Many organizations are providing free access to their products and services.

Here are three resources that can help free your creative essence (even if you're stuck at home):

1. Scribd Free for 30 Days

Scribd free 30 days

Scribd is a perfect companion for everyone in the family. Unlimited books. Unlimited Audio. Low Monthly Subscription. There are books on every imaginable topic and lots of content uploaded by subscribers. For years I had a Kindle Unlimited subscription. This is much better hands down! Through the end of the month, they are offering a free trial subscription for 30 days.

2. Great Barrier Reef Journey

You may be working at home but David Attenborough’s interactive journey of the Great Barrier Reef will make you feel like you're on a grand adventure. There’s a less than 2-minute intro video with David and then the journey begins to five key locations across the reef. The videos are short so you can take breaks and soak in the beauty and wilderness of the Great Barrier Reef while you work from home.

3. Picasso and Paper: Virtual Tour

As a long-time journal writer and lover of all things paper and pen, I was delighted to discover this virtual tour. The Royal Academy is making a virtual exhibition tour of Picasso and Paper available for free to the public. From the privacy and safety of your home you can …

Immerse yourself in Picasso’s world of paper and discover how – with this everyday material we know so well – he found the means to explore the furthest reaches of his creativity.

Tiffany Greenoak, The Royal Academy

I have plenty more resources but won't overwhelm you on this round. If you come across any fabulous finds make sure to post as a comment below. Stay safe!

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Adela Rubio

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Adela Rubio hosts trainings and events on activating your creative essence with collaboration and community. She's hosted 40+ Online Events (30-Day Events, Virtual Summits, and digital marketing trainings) and facilitated 100's of Writing Circles.

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