December 2


3 Reasons To Start Your Gratitude Practice Now

By Adela Rubio

December 2, 2011

Energy Shifts, Enlightened Gratitude

All of the world's great spiritual traditions teach you to show appreciation. You know you ‘should' express gratitude, and yet, the concept can sometimes seem trite. One of the barriers to a gratitude practice can be the obviousness of it. We are all trained to be polite and say ‘Thank You.'

This approach misses the point. Gratitude is not a social nicety, or necessity, it is a deep outpouring of the abundance that is you. In today's world of constant change, and breakdown, it is the inner wellspring of your abundant Essence that will carry you through trying times.

Let's explore 3 reasons why you don't want to put off a gratitude practice:

1. Gratitude shifts your perspective. When you focus on the external world, and all it's problems, it may seem that it's the only thing that's real. As you turn your focus to the ALL of the abundance that surrounds you, especially the abundance of your generosity and connectedness, you will come to experience that it is not the ‘only truth.' You then come to know that a lot of what you experience is a choice. A choice dictated by your focus and flow. Little by little you come to know that you can choose your perspective, and as you do, your ‘external world' shifts.

2. Gratitude fosters resilience.  The experience of ongoing gratitude positions you in the world of flow. In this dimension, you come to experience grace. When you're faced with a problem, and a solution is promptly delivered, you come to trust that all is well. You know that you are held in the arms of a loving and caring Universe. This unshakeable trust fosters resilience. No matter what you encounter – big problems, small problems – you KNOW you will come through it just fine.

3.  Gratitude sharpens your discernment. According to research in positive psychology, a gratitude practice delivers higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy. These all serve to sharpen your discernment and to diminish feelings of worry, fear and uncertainty.

The more researchers study gratitude the more benefits keep turning up. Practicing gratitude enhances your life in infinite ways. Gratitude is good for you, really good for you. Why wait? Start Today!




PS Any gratitude practices, resources or tips to share? Post a comment below.

Image: The Bird Cage, Delphine Devos

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