December 9


3 Reasons Gratitude Shifts Energy

Gratitude as a soulful practice creates all sorts of abundance and happiness in your world. For those reasons alone it's a wise investment, but it also shifts your energy in subtle, and powerful ways.

Gratitude creates changes at the emotional and mental levels, it also changes your body at a cellular level. There have been plenty of studies demonstrating how gratitude reduces levels of stress and that is reason enough to focus on your abundant flow.

But, it's difficult to get to that place on a consistent level, unless things change in your programming. Here are 3 reasons gratitude shifts energy and the powerful point of view that becomes your default way of seeing and being in the world:

1. Shifts your focus to the present moment. Even though the actions, or experience, you might feel grateful for occurred in the past the energy of gratitude is present moment focused. Gratitude shifts your state of being, as you focus on the infinite flow of goodness pouring through you. The present moment is where everything IS! It connects you to what's true, to the dynamic aliveness of right now… the best place to BE!

2. Creates a new orientation. It doesn't matter whether you're from a dysfunctional family, or you've suffered extensive trauma or depression, gratitude creates a new default groove – just like a music track on a CD. The positive focus and easy flow of energy become the new YOU. You experience incredible resilience in being able to navigate the stumbling blocks of everyday living. Gratitude propels you out of ingrained disempowering stories and creates a new story that you live into powerfully and playfully.

3. Establishes an indelible partnership with Source (whatever you perceive that to be). There is nothing that will make your connection to the Source of Life more real, than experiencing gratitude. Your focus on gratitude expands your bandwidth of feeling, sensing and knowing. As you experience the infinite flow of life, in your moment to moment experience, you will come to trust and KNOW that what has been passed down by perennial wisdom is not a cool story, but is TRUE. There is nothing better than to experience gratitude in your body being and know that you ARE a child of an abundant and loving universe.

Shifts in energy create shifts in being. Living as the dynamic flow of life creates a life of miraculous synchronicity and infinite abundance. Life is a joy and a wonder.

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when
our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
Thornton Wilder

Gratitude is a powerful transformation tool. It changes you and the world you live in!

 Smiles: Eflon


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