July 7


3 Pathways to Unleash Your Creative Voice

By Adela Rubio

July 7, 2019

Your creative voice is ever-present. Do you have unfettered access to it? You know she is there. You can deny and denounce all you want. She hums, she whispers, she waits. You may ignore her for a time but she is relentless.

Do you doubt she's as real as she feels? You know the voice! The one that startles you, even horrifies you, with her outlandish suggestions.

While you resist she persists. She hums, she whispers, she waits. You may ignore her for a time but she treads on. She reaches into your heart and reveals the deeply buried dreams.

How do you hear the heart song now awakening and dive in the direction of your dreams?

How to Awaken and Activate Your Creative Voice

This is a tricky topic. Tricky because there are so many ways. Tricky because you need to find the pathways and practices that will open your inner doorways.

I'm a less is more kind of gal, here are 3 of my favorites. These are states of being, not actions. They begin within and manifest in your outer world as these 3 states:

Peace is your ability to be at one with everything. It shows up in your physical body, emotions, relationships, work. In short, everything. You are connected to all of life. You are not moved by external influences, you express from the inside out. You are like the reed flowing down the river: at ease, happy to be in the flow.

When you don't have peace
you are in the dance of separation.

Presence is your ability to be in the dance of the creative vortex. There is a perfection to this moment. You find it, embrace it, dance with it. You are the never-ending flow of creative forces made manifest. The past does not haunt you, nor does the future entice you. You are dynamically in flow.

When you don't have presence
you are in the dance of denial.

Power is your ability to be the source of the world you experience. You do not try to change what is. You create the new right now. You are not bound by time and space, what was or what will be. You are not bound by rules and dogma. You find the spark that calls to you and bring it into being again and again. You follow the muse of your flow and delight in the wonder and magic of the dance.

When you don't have power
you are in the dance of projection.

You are a creative being! You have ideas and inklings, dreams that hammer at your heart. One of the mistakes I made early in my exploration was thinking that a dream might be too big or too small.

A dream is a dream. It shapeshifts as you nourish it. It takes shape as you take steps to make it real.

These are the 3 doorways that I've used in my own world for some time now. I have some ideas on how you can use them to unleash your creative voice. There are creations within you wanting to be known!

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