January 9


#3 Passionate Presence Principle: Play

By Adela Rubio

January 9, 2009

Being Bootcamp

It is your innate being, free to enjoy,
to shift, to be, to move with wild abandon
into unstructured spaces.

Play is the unplanned, delightful
serendipities of your essential template.

= = = =
“Life is rarely as serious as we believe it
to be, and when we recognize this fact, it
responds by giving us more and more
opportunities to play.”
= = = =

Sense the seriousness and significance of
your world as it seamlessly sizzles into the
true energy of you

Feel your unbearable lightness of being
Inhale it, welcome it, say YESSSSSSSSSSSS! to it

Loosen the reins on the quicksand of control.
Free the must do . . .
Free the must have . . .
Free the must know . . .
Like sand through your fingers,
Feel it all, effortlessly slipping through
into inner spaciousness

Relinquish the externals
as the energy of play awakens,
arises, within in your being.

Experience the buoyancy that is organically
Pre-programmed into every cell of your body.

Surrender to the play of what is . . .

“If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion
for or against.” Osho

Welcome Eveything, Everything, Everything!

Release judgment
Relinquishment attachment
Give up, once and for all, being right

Nothing really matters, the stuff is not terribly important
No idea, thought, or thing is more important than what has life
Life is the gift of this playground, it is precious and true
Honored and Sacred

Treat everything with sacredness
Every emotion, Every thought, Every belief
Is an honored guest
ALL are welcome to stay.

Let the play of life
move things of its own accord.
Notice the surface ripple,
does not impact the immensity of your being

Be like the wind, touching everything
and becoming nothing.
Allow what's true to arise in its own becoming.

Now notice the energy of free.
Feel the play of it.
Feel the texture of it.
Notice the sensations that arise in your being.
Is it something that you can define,
label, lock into finiteness?
What do YOU know about it?

Freedom is an exploration, an adventure, a play . .
It is not a destination.
Explore the energy of free in your being
In this moment.

Surrender to the play of laughter . . .

Feel the bubbling up of laughter, rippling
unleashed like an avalanche of water bubbles,
cascading over every surface of your world

Feel your body swathed in a blanket of giggles
eagerly kissing the surface of your skin
with its moist merriment

Feel your resonance with the ringing of deep,
belly chuckles sending you into a swirl of sensory

As our friends Abraham say, “Laughing is
the unbounded expression of appreciation.
Humor is Non-physical essence reflected
through a physical being that is willing to
be light enough to let it flow.”

Feel the ripple of your body as it lightens
your being, your energy basking in the
cosmic cacophony of light lived laughter.

Tap into the enlightened being that is you,
be the embodiment of the cosmic ha-ha.
Feel the smile of mirth and madness flood
your being with its unleashed wonder.

Surrender to the play of YOU . . .

Catapult your being into an extraordinary
level of play.
Unleash the fascination and curiosity
which are your essential nature.
Surrender to the free form quality of You . . .

Unformed . . .
Unrehearsed . . .
Uninhibited . . .
Unhinged . . .
Uncensored . . .

Experience is the only thing that makes it real.
Are you willing to make it real, right now?

Choose to experience your freedom.
Choose to experience your juiciness.
Choose to experience your wildest imaginings.
Choose to know who you are, without the form . . . FREE to be unbounded
Choose to live the flavor of ‘True You'

You are the Being, alivening life,
dancing love into creation with your inimitable dance.

You ARE the playground! Surrender to the Play of Life!

I am light. I am life. I am play . . .
I am light. I am life. I am play . . .
I am light. I am life. I am play . . .

Feel the energy of light, life, play
Infuse your body with its aromatic splendor
Feel the energy of light, life, play
Realign your template of crystalline beauty
Feel the energy of light, life, play
Press upon your lips the Prince Charming kiss
Awakening you to what is, always has been, always will be

You are a being, precious to life
And in your play your true Being
Propels life into more for ALL

You are the gift of Life
and you gift Life with You!

Play . . . is your cosmic destiny
Play . . . is your essential nature
Play . . . is your sacred birthright
Play . . . is the fabric of creation
Play . . . is You
Say Yessssssssssssssssss

©2009 Being Bootcamp (Adela Rubio )

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