July 31


3 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You From Taking Action

By Adela Rubio

July 31, 2022

Limiting Beliefs

When it comes down to it, limiting beliefs are at the core of most of the issues in your life.

Limiting beliefs diminish your capacity to take action and realize your dreams. On the surface, they seem real. You can easily find enough evidence to support these beliefs. The bottom line is you don't take action. A cycle of powerlessness ensues as your ability to take action subsides with every try. It's like the fear response on steroids: you freeze, you falter, you fail. Your attempts become a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure, thereby confirming those limiting beliefs.

What may not be clear is that you are the one bringing this version of reality into being. That's a tough one to swallow. I know. If you take responsibility for your worldview in no time you'll realize you can change it. Change comes with a lot of charge. There's loss involved. People and ways of being fall away, you're on shaky ground. Certainty and confidence are in low supply. Sometimes it's a lot to handle. It's hard work.

That doesn't make it any less true (or the way it works). Just the way you are responsible to care for your outer world (apartment, car, job, etc.), your inner world requires the same level of ownership.

3 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Hostage

Limiting beliefs are as abundant as the stars, and just as uniquely personal. There are infinite variations on a theme. However, I've found these 3 culprits to be the stealthiest programs that sabotage your ability to take action in the world:

  • I don’t know enough. This is a really sneaky one because on the surface it can seem true. Especially if you compare yourself to others who may be further along the path. Don't forget that everyone starts somewhere. The more you engage your topic of exploration the more you know about it. It is action that garners the experience that you know enough. But, first you have to begin.
  • I don’t have what it takes. You may get stuck on the desired education, background, strengths etc. of whatever you desire. You can label yourself as less than all you want. That doesn't make it true. In my experience, you don't get a desire unless you have the capacity to bring it into being. Though there are definitely traditional routes to accomplish your vision, it's equally true that there are infinite pathways to the same goal. Often in stepping into your vision it shifts and shapes itself around your specific gifts and talents (which are innate). So, you have what it takes.
  • It's too late. You know what I'm going to say, right? It's never too late, especially if the yearning and desire energize you. You feel the vision call you into a new way of being. You can almost touch it. If this desire lives in your body it is still yours. The world is full of people that had a late start and created extraordinary outcomes. There is something that is possible right now. You are the one to bring it into being.

So, what to do? You recognize you're in the grips of one of these (or maybe all three). How do you start to shift things? Which pathway takes you to your dreams and visions?

How to Shift a Limiting Belief

Surprise! There are no 3 steps to get to the other side of this one. This is a deep exploration with a message just for you. You discover the message by coming into relationship with your limiting belief.

This is a gift, make no mistake. It is yours to engage. This can be as simple as sitting with it. Observe it with curiosity and wonder. Ask questions. Note the responses. Be with! In your focus and attention insights unfold.

Action arises organically when you are in the field of your vision. There will be a pull, not a push. You'll hear the limiting belief but something bigger will ease you through it.

When you experience a limiting belief it is great news! Know there is a greater level of being calling you. You are a brilliant being with infinite access to timeless intelligence. Step into your fullness. Be fearless. Be free.

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Adela Rubio

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Adela Rubio hosts trainings and events on activating your creative essence with collaboration and community. She's hosted 40+ Online Events (30-Day Events, Virtual Summits, and digital marketing trainings) and facilitated 100's of Writing Circles.

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