December 10


4 Kinds of Writing to Grow Your Wild Creatrix Business

By Adela Rubio

December 10, 2023

Writing is a creative practice. It's what holds you steady amid the undulations of the creative process. It is the framework for creating that I've practiced for over two decades. You don't have to consider yourself a writer to use this powerful creation tool. All you need is to put it in your planner and practice on the regular.

I've used these to host, produce, and facilitate hundreds of writing and business circles and 50+ online trainings and events. Here are 4 kinds of writing to grow your Wild Creatrix business.

1.Journal Daily. This is the meat of the practice. I regularly write every day. It can be a couple of sentences on what I'm experiencing, a creative idea that just downloaded, or a project that I'm launching. I regularly write. This lets the powers that be know that I am on tap and on call. I am ready for the creative forces to move through me. I'll ensure to do something with the downloads dancing in my inner domain and make it real.

2. Participate in Writing Circles. This may seem like fluff or scary as hell. It depends on where you are on the continuum of your creative adventure. If you've ever risked sharing from the deepest core of your being, naked and raw, just as you are, you know the level of intimacy and trust that is required. It is a leap, darling! Once you find a circle that calls forth the best in you it's hard to settle for less. It also gives rise to a boots on the ground experience of your infinitely creative nature. I can't tell you how many ideas popped through on a writing circle. Too many to count.

3. Share Your Writing. You can blog, vlog, social media, etc. You can even read your writing to your accountability partner (or power pal as I like to call them). This is essential in order for you to fully embody your writing voice. It is also priceless because of the feedback you receive from your audience (no matter what the size). Feedback helps you hone in on what's essential for your audience and how you can best deliver the content and experiences that are one-of-a-kind,

4. Creative Project Mapping. This is a simple template that I've used again and again in my own creative business. After hosting and producing so many times, I realized I had a simple system that helped me create repeatedly. I shared this last year in one of my free trainings. Mapping ensures that I have a big picture view of what's required to produce my creative project and it includes a step-by-step map to make it so.

These are the 4 kinds of writing I have been doing regularly for as long as I've had a creative business. I don't do all of them all of the time but you can bet I'm doing 3 out of 4 of them day in/day out and at a minimum on a weekly basis. Writing is one of the ways in which you can connect authentically with the audience you are meant to gather.

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