December 24


3 Gratitude Rituals to Invoke Your Appreciation

By Adela Rubio

December 24, 2013

Energy Practice, The Gratitude Project

Cultivating gratitude makes for a kinder, healthier and more generous you. You don’t need the tons of gratitude research to know that, right? Gratitude also hinders negative emotional disorders like anxiety and depression. It's a blessing in so many ways to share your gratitude, and yet sometimes you might find yourself  doing your gratitude by rote. If you're missing the soulful experience of tapped in, turned on gratitude turning your gratitude practice into a gratitude ritual can help.

You may be familiar with religious or ceremonial rituals consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. Rituals are powerful because they switch you from the mundane to the magical, where things are not ruled by time, space and form. Ritual helps you access the ephemeral world of intentions and helps make it real. It is where reality is flexible and you can invoke and embody what you want to bring into being.

Here are 3 gratitude rituals that you can practice on your own, or with your inner circle of adventurers, to free the flow of appreciation:

1. Gratitude Jar. This is one of the simplest ways to start a gratitude ritual. You can use a clear, glass jar, any size will do. Every day make a gratitude deposit in your gratitude jar. Write down one thing you grateful for that day and put it into the jar. You could do this for yourself, or you can do it as a family. You can do it in the morning, or the evening. The key to ritual is consistency, make it the same. Then at the end of the week, you can empty the jar and read your gratitudes!

2. Gratitude Talisman. Here's an easy peasy way to tap into the power of gratitude. Take a favorite piece of jewelry – bracelet, necklace, or ring – that you wear all the time and turn into a gratitude talisman. Sit quietly, holding your jewelry, and focus grateful, positive energy into the item. Wear it and imbue it with gratitude regularly. When things aren't going so well, access the power of gratitude that you have embedded in your jewelry and tap into it every time you feel it against your skin. If you don't wear jewelry, you can use a crystal, stone, or pendulum instead and carry it in your pocket or purse.

3. Gratitude Circle.When you really want to feel totally immersed in the power of gratitude use the gratitude circle ritual. This is a practice that is best done with others, though it can also be practiced energetically. Gather with your inner circle and put someone in the center of the circle and take turns telling them why you are grateful for them. Make sure everyone takes their turn in the center of the circle. This ritual will also generate tremendous insights into the gifts of your Essence.

Gratitude rituals are a simple way that you can access the energy of appreciation in your world. It will surely ripple into every aspect of your day. Just invoke it with your gratitude ritual. What gratitude rituals do you use to access your appreciation? Please share it below.

Image: Goddess of Light, Brenda Starr

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