3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Today is Earth Day and it's great for raising awareness and making a conscious choice to honor your partnership with Life.

We all share the ground beneath our feet and the fruits of the earth. Choosing to acknowledge the sacredness of our earthly home is another way to honor our cosmic connection to it and one another.

Here are 3 easy ways to celebrate Earth Day every day:

  1. Send the Earth a Blessing. You can send the energy of love and light as an energetic stream and see the Earth enclosed in a pink golden light. You can write a blessing or poem to the Earth. You can draw an image illustrating your joy and connection. You can sing a song or dance your delight into being.
  2. Walk with Gratitude. Every time you walk you can consciously send energy through your feet into the Earth below. Imagine that your feet are exuding energetic crystalline light particles that transforms everything on your path. Intend that it reach the core of the planet for its revitalization and evolution.
  3. Send Love to Creation. Feel a beam of iridescent love streaming from you to everything in creation that you encounter. Allow that light to touch the people, plants, and pets that cross your path. Include the smog, pollution and more unsavory aspects that you meet, too. Your energy can contribute to the reorchestration of reality. At the core Love is all there is. When you see that, imbue Life with that energy, it arises more and more.

We are all cosmic travelers and the Earth is our home for now. Let's honor her and one another not only today, but every day. It's easy.


Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 31+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Virtual Summits.

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