3 Blessings of Motherhood

The blessings of motherhood are a perfect exploration for Mother's Day.

Whether you're celebrating with family or with friends, these holidays/holy days give us an opportunity to choose how to celebrate and honor what we value most.

Motherhood is an initiation of sorts. It's a club with a lifetime membership,  a community of love and life-givers extraordinaire. Isn't it time to claim your blessings and bask in the beauty of your service?  (If you're not a mom, you can still reflect on the gifts from your perspective.)

Years ago I used to worry about being a good mom. In those days, I compared myself to mothers who I deemed had it down. They were awesome moms, supermoms, amazing moms. I was struggling with the whole damn thing. In those days, motherhood was not a blessing it was a burden.

As I began to navigate motherhood, I discovered I'd created a version of it that was difficult to aspire to. Luckily, around the same time, I embarked on the adventure of personal development. I wanted to be a better person for myself but especially for my children. I thought they deserved so much better.

I've come a long way from the uncertainty of young motherhood. I've left behind the doubts and fears and embraced the gifts of walking this path. Today, as I sit with motherhood and the difference it's made, I offer up 3 blessings I have received (in the hopes they will stir your own):

  1. Love of a higher order. Like most children, I adored my parents. It was only as an adult that I realized the serious dysfunctions in my family. It inspired me to do better, to try harder. My children were a primary force in my wanting to become a better human being. When you encounter pure love, it's difficult to resist. They gifted me with love of a higher order than I had ever experienced. It kept me in the game of personal evolution.
  2. A reflection of my deepest values. You always make time for what matters most. It is also the way that you show others what you value. My children reflect my deepest values of love, connection, and compassion. They are some of the most generous and giving people that I know. In their everyday lives, they embody these truths. I am most proud of this.
  3. An opportunity to pay it forward. My childhood wasn't perfect and neither was my parents' childhood. The good thing is that you can always choose differently. Motherhood gifted me with the opportunity to initiate change, explore new ways of parenting, and introduce my children to more possibilities and choices. It has been my privilege to watch them step into a greater sense of being.

I changed a lot to become a better mother and to guide my children to a better future. Today I get to see the blossoming of seeds planted long ago. Not only the ones I planted in them but the ones they planted in me.

This writing expresses the abundance of love at the core of motherhood, it captures it perfectly for me:

An Ode to My Children

Tiny hands and feet
tucked tight, so sweet
I'll keep you safe and warm, love
Always, Always.

Thru cuts and scrapes
and wounds and wins
I'm here for everything, love
Always, Always.

You've grown so tall
Answered your call
I'm full of pride and joy, love
Always, Always.

Triumphs and tears
Surmounted fears
You're everything I dreamed, love
Always, Always

As you get ready to gather with your own, take a moment to claim the blessings of motherhood in your world. I'd love to hear what arises. Please post as a comment below. Even in the most challenging of environments, there is goodness that flows. It's an honor to acknowledge how each one of us moves the needle forward.

Happy Mother's Day!

Art by kaiser-mony on DeviantArt


Mother's Day

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