February 16


#29 Passionate Presence Principle: Paradox

By Adela Rubio

February 16, 2009

Being Bootcamp

Paradox, an adventure beyond ordinary
into extraordinary realms of being.

Paradox, an inclusive state of being
wherein the multiplicity of life awakens
into physicality.

Paradox, a union of seemingly
unfathomable contradictions creating an
experience of wonder and awe.

In order to arrive at what you do not know
You must go by a way
which is the way of ignorance.

In order to arrive at what you are not
You must go through the way
in which you are not.

And what you do not know
is the only thing you know

And what you own
is what you do not own.

And where you are
is where you are not.

T. S. Eliot

We live in a world of paradox,
where things are seldom as they appear.

It is often these very things that propel
you beyond your reason and understanding
to embrace the seeming paradox of
experience and existence.

Life quickly makes mincemeat of your
reason, stretching you beyond the
boundaries of reasonableness,
comfort and resolve.

We witness events or encounter evidence
that doesn't make sense, or that seems
contradictory, ugly, or painful.

Paradox can lead us into an
experience of enlightenment,
Of understanding wherein
We somehow find a way to remain
awake and engaged, and are able to
reconcile and even redeem the
inevitable contradictions and setbacks of life.

Paradox is often the byway by which
you experience profound peace,
innate happiness and boundless love.

All the great mysteries of life are paradoxes.
Here is where you meet and greet
…rational and irrational
…life and death
…absolute and relative
…spirit and matter
…real and unreal
…yes and no

These must all be openly engaged, without
attachment to form and appearance, if you
are to experience true transformation.

The fullness of the paradox of reality was also expressed
by Lao-tzu in this way:

“When you look at it you cannot see it;
It is called formless.
When you listen to it you cannot hear it,
It is called soundless.
When you try to seize it, you cannot hold it;
It is called subtle. . . .
It is up, but it is not brightened;
It is down, but it is not obscured.
It stretches endlessly,
And no name is to be given. . . .
It returns to nothingness.
You face it, but you cannot see its front.
You follow it, but you cannot see its back.”

Your journey begins with living this
life as the powerful paradox of potential.

Paradox lives beyond the apparent laws
of nature, beyond the theories of certainty
and absolutism. It transcends the entanglements
of past and future and pulsates in the ever
present now.

Feel the energy of paradox in your being
Sense the mystical energy of consciousness
in paradox. Feel how your presence and
non-presence conspire to create a yet to be.
Feel how dancing the edge of

…human and divine
…individual and universal
…personal and impersonal
…static and dynamic
…identical and distinct
…existence and non-existence

Feel how your knowing stretches
beyond the perimeter of your experience
into becoming as you fully immerse
yourself in the paradox of now.

This mystical paradox is beyond seeming
contradictions, its allure is striking
and dramatically grabs your attention
demanding your engagement.

Paradox captures your being,
Illuminates your essence and
Enticingly pulls you into its embrace,
Forcing you to notice, to pay attention.

Paradox enhances your understanding
Of your true nature, urging you to
dance outside of rhythm, to paint
beyond the form of what has been.

From Isa Upanishad we can experience
it like this:

That One, though never stirring,
is swifter than thought …
Though standing still,
it overtakes those who are running…
It stirs and it stirs not.
It is far, and likewise near.
It is inside all this, and it is outside all this?”

Paradox is inherent in the exploration of
merging the physical and non-physical.

Paradox soars beyond logic.
It climbs beyond reason into
unbounded freedom.

Immanuel Kant, a famous Prussian philosopher
and thinker, known for ‘The Critique of Pure
Reason.’ said, “All our knowledge falls within
the bounds of possible experience.

Paradox beckons you beyond the playing
field of certainty and knowledge into the
cosmic cauldron of wonder and possibility.

Paradox moves through you.
Paradox transforms you.
Paradox IS you!

Paradox is you…
Paradox is me…
Paradox is we…

©2009 Being Bootcamp (Adela Rubio )

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