February 2


#19 Passionate Presence Principle: Paradox

By Adela Rubio

February 2, 2009

Being Bootcamp

Paradox reveals a kind of truth

which at first seems contradictory.

What if Paradox is ‘the seeming
contradiction’ of living potentiality?

What if it illustrates our true
nature beyond ‘this’ or ‘that’
into this AND that…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
“Man is a paradox: he can only be man
when he surpasses himself. Man is not
born as man but only as an opportunity.
One can be, one can miss it too. It is not
a certainty, it is not a given fact — it is
only a potentiality, and there is every
possibility to miss it. The majority of
people miss it, and the fundamental
reason for their missing is that they think
that they are already man. Nobody is
born as man. The form is there, but the
soul is not. The body is there, but the
spirit is lacking.” Osho
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Paradox is a place where the mind has
difficulty grasping what lies ‘beyond mind.’

What if paradox is an invitation to embrace
our expanded consciousness in physicality?

Seeming paradoxes might just be the edge
of our belief systems.

Paradox is a mind expanding tool.

Paradox is the dynamite that blasts
old paradigm ways of thinking and being.

Paradox is the cosmic mushroom cloud
obliterating surface reality and creating
deep chasms of conscious inclusiveness.

Paradox could be like an exclusive club.
You know the kind….where you leave all
assumptions at the door, dressed in your
living raiments of superconnective
clarity, transcendent wisdom and translucent

Paradox is where you imbibe the
alivening essence of chaos and disorder
and weave the synchronistic rhythm of
apparent polarities. . It is straddling and
merging. It is ‘what is’ and ‘what is not.’

“Being in the world and not of the world,
that is the paradox. And when you attain this
paradox, the greatest peak happens to you –
the peak experience.” Osho

Feel the paradox of choice,
feel the less is more.

Feel the paradox of freedom,
liberating and ensnaring.

Feel the paradox of change,
seeking and resisting it.

Feel the paradox of union,
merging and separation

Seeking certainty and solid answers
creates an illusion of groundedness

What if you embraced your
ungrounded paradoxical nature?

Feel the paradox of
Be here now…

Where are you if you are not here?
How can you be any other place than now?

Notice the tendency to seek to change your
future based on your past experiences.

Feel the paradox in that…

“Nothing endures but change.” Heraclitus

Feel the comfort of change….
Sense the brilliance of paradox…
Distill the essence of your unbounded
nature and inhale it brazenly into your being…

Feel the less is more of you.
Feel the ripples of your expandedness.

Feel the complexity of you.
Feel the simplicity of

Notice the thoughts, beliefs
that have gathered from people
and places and come to form
what you ‘think’ is ‘you’

Feel the paradox of you
Not ‘really’ being you, but
A collection of harvested
Experiences that have nothing
To do with ‘who’ you ‘are’

Feel the paradox of the ‘not you’

Paradox is everywhere
It is a portal to your
multidimensional nature

Open the door to Paradox
Open your eyes to Paradox
Listen to the heartbeat of Paradox
Taste the pungence of Paradox
Feel the rhythm of Paradox
Invite Paradox home….

Inhale Paradox
Exhale Paradox

Open to Paradox
Beyond mind, beyond body
Surrender into the Prism of Paradox…
©2009 Being Bootcamp (Adela Rubio )



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