January 21


#11 Passionate Presence Principle: Peace

By Adela Rubio

January 21, 2009

Being Bootcamp

Peace from the Latin pacisci, to agree.

Peace, a state of tranquillity or quiet,
state of security or order.

Peace, freedom from disquieting or
oppressive thoughts or emotions.

Peace, harmony in personal relations.

Peace, a pact or agreement to end
hostilities between those who have been
at war or in a state of enmity.

“When you find peace within yourself,
you become the kind of person who can
live at peace with others.”
Peace Pilgrim

Peace is a choice. Choose Peace.

Peace be with you. And also with you.

We extend peace
We receive peace
An infinite embrace
Of sameness, oneness
Ubiquitous Unity
Solemn Serenity

“The single clenched fist lifted and
ready, Or the open hand held out and
waiting. Choose: For we meet by one
or the other.” Carl Sandberg

Sinking into the silent embrace
Of emptiness, as it rends apart
the dark entanglement of my
Separation from TRUTH
I find the peace that so often
escapes me and unbidden finds me
when I'm not seeking . . .
Peace . . . Found Peace

Awakening to the wonder Of
empty chasms of longing
Arresting judgment . . .
Suspending resistance . . .
Relaxing into the saturated silence
of my soul-quenched yearnings

Cradled between my mother’s breasts
Heart beating, heart throbbing
Wrapped enticingly within her
love drenched skin-scent
I nuzzle deeply, in her gentle embrace
As peace palpates me into being

Peace, pulsates through crystalline
membranes of my inner being
Finding every loss,
every broken promise,
all illusions of betrayal
and gently saturates my lovelessness
with sweet songs of surrender.

Awaken to the songs of peace
Alive in the cosmic soul of our Gaia:

Imagine all the people
living life in peace…

Cause out on the edge of darkness,
there rides a peace train…

All we are saying
is give peace a chance.

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me…

“Peace is not the absence of conflict;
it's the absence of inner conflict.
Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let it begin with me …

Peace is Being
Nothing to do, nowhere to go.
Just an Ah!, a Yes! This is good!

It is an awakening to what is already here
Like breath of life, a natural consequence of Now

The sun rises and sets
The oceans ebb and flow
Peace is here, Peace is You.

What happens when peace escapes you?
How do you FIND peace?

“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature
that the three things we crave most in life —
happiness, freedom, and peace of mind —
are always attained by giving them to
someone else.” Peyton Conway March

Ah, that’s right. I remember now
I give it away. I give it away.
In giving, I receive.
The Law of Exponential Return
So simple, yes. Yes!
I give peace, I am peace.
Peace, right here.

Breathe peace . . .

“If we have no peace, it is because we have
forgotten that we belong to each other.“
Mother Teresa

Wage peace with your breath.
Breathe in firemen and rubble,
breathe out whole buildings and
flocks of redwing blackbirds.

Breathe in terrorists
and breathe out sleeping children
and freshly mown fields.
Breathe in confusion
and breathe out maple trees.

Breathe in the fallen
and breathe out
lifelong friendships intact.
Wage peace with your listening:
hearing sirens, pray loud.

Remember your tools:
flower seeds, clothespins,
clean rivers.
Make soup.
Play music,
learn the words for “thank you”
in three languages.

Learn to knit, and make a hat.
Think of chaos as dancing raspberries,
imagine grief as the outbreath of beauty
or the gesture of fish.

Swim for the other side.

Wage peace.

Never has the world
seemed so fresh and precious.
Have a cup of tea and rejoice.
Act as if armistice has already arrived.
Don't wait another minute.

Mary Oliver, Wage Peace

Let peace overrun your weariness
Let peace catapult you through discomfort
See the signs of peace all around you:

A tendency to think and act spontaneously
rather than on fears based on past experiences…

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment…

A loss of interest in judging people…

A loss of interest in judging self…

A loss of interest in interpreting the
actions of others…

A loss of interest in conflict…

A loss of the ability to worry…

Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation…

Contented feelings of connectedness
with others and nature…

Frequent attacks of smiling…

An increasing tendency to let things
happen rather than trying to make them happen…

An increasing susceptibility to the
love extended by others as well as
the uncontrollable urge to extend it…

Author Unknown

Feel the silence of your being
Open to its wondrous nature
Sense the silence of your body
Awaken to the spaciousness of You
Breathe the silence of emptiness
Into every facet of you

“Just this moment, when this silence
pervades, who are you?
A nobody, a non-entity.
You don't have a name,
you don't have a form.
You are neither man nor woman,
Hindu nor Mohammedan.
You don't belong to any country,
to any nation, to any race.
You are not the body, not the mind.
Then who are you? In this silence,
what is the taste of you?
How does it taste to be?
Just peace…..just a silence……
and out of that peace and silence a
great joy starts surfacing, welling up,
for no reason at all.
It is your spontaneous nature.” Osho

Be peace . . .
Weave your strand of peace into our
cosmic web of intention as we launch
the blessings of peace into now and evermore:

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the son of peace to you.
Celtic Benediction

The peace of God, the peace of men,
be upon each window, each door,
upon each hole that lets in light,
upon the four corners of my house,
upon the four corners of my bed.
Gaelic Blessing

May every creature abound
in well-being and peace.
May every living being,
weak or strong,
the long and the small
The short and the medium-sized,
the mean and the great
May every living being,
seen or unseen,
those dwelling far off, Those near by,
those already born, those waiting to be born
May all attain inward peace. Buddah

Deep peace I breathe into you
Oh weariness here, O ache, here!
Deep peace, a soft white dove to you;
Deep peace, a quiet rain to you;
Deep peace, an ebbing wave to you!
Deep peace, red wind of the east from you;
Deep peace, gray wind of the west to you;
Deep peace, dark wind of the north from you;
Deep peace, blue wind of the south to you!
Deep peace, pure red of the flame to you;
Deep peace, pure white of the moon to you;
Deep peace, pure green of the grass to you;
Deep peace, pure brown of the living earth to you;
Deep peace, pure gray of the dew to you;
Deep peace, pure blue of the sky to you!
Deep peace of the running wave to you,
Deep peace of the flowing air to you,
Deep peace of the quiet Earth to you,
Deep peace of the sleeping stones to you,
Deep peace of the yellow shepherd to you,
Deep peace of the wandering shepherdess to you,
Deep peace of the Flock of Stars to You.
Deep Peace of the Son of Peace to You.
Deep peace, Deep Peace.
Old Irish Peace Blessing

May the blessings of love be upon you
May its peace abide with you
May its essence illuminate your heart
Now and forever more….
Sufi Peace Blessing

Blessed Be.

Presence Peace . . .

I leave you with Paramahansa Yogananda,
“Peace is the enjoyment of life,
activity is the expression of life.”

May the blessing that is you
find its expression of peace today.

Feel your Peace.
Be your Peace.
Be Peace.
Peace Be.
©2009 Being Bootcamp (Adela Rubio )

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