September 2


10 Self Care Practices That Affirm Your Abundance

By Adela Rubio

September 2, 2011

Wild Abundance

Are you stressed out about your cash flow? Are you cutting back on things you normally do because ‘times are tough?” Have you relinquished your overflow feel and settled into deliberate downsizing?

Oddly enough, it's times like these when radical self care is exactly what will shift your point of view. Self care is not a frivolous indulgence, it is an act of personal power.

Self care expresses your willingness to affirm the value of your essence and creates the foundation required to BE the change for yourself and others.

One of the quickest ways to jump start your feel good mojo is to affirm the abundance of your flow. Try these simple self care practices the next time your energy is in a choke hold:

1. Pamper yourself with pleasure. There's nothing like a day at the spa, or even a massage at your local wellness center, to bring home the luxurious delight of being in your body. Don't book an hour massage. Go for a two hour session. Allow yourself the luxury of pure pampering.

2. Celebrate yourself. It feels good to acknowledge and celebrate your wins. It feels even better to celebrate yourself just because… because you're here, because you're you, because you choose to celebrate. Do something fun, entertaining, relaxing and new.  Celebrate for the sheer joy of it.

3. Say “No!” You might think this is a crazy self care practice, but it's not. Every time you say “No!”, it frees you up to say “Yes!” to what's really meaningful and of value to you. Saying “No!” proclaims your self worth and establishes boundaries that respect and honor your Essence.

4. Hang out with juicy people! You know who these people are. You catch fire just by being around them.  It's easy, effortless and fun. Your energy quickens around them, you're more self expressed, you're more YOU!

5. Rest in your inner silence. Some folks might choose to meditate, others to engage in a mindfulness practice. You might even decide to sit on a park bench and enjoy the sounds of the morning. It doesn't really matter what you do, but replenishing your inner spaciousness will do wonders for the flow of energy in your world.

6. Watch a funny movie. There are plenty of studies around that demonstrate “laughter is the best medicine.” A silly or funny movie can be just the thing to unstop your flow. Laughter  will loosen you up and recalibrate your sense of self!

7. Write in Your Journal Daily. Writing your thoughts and feelings down is a powerful practice that can give rise to healing, creative expression, truth telling and discovery. If you add the practice of writing down three things that you're grateful for it will also amplify everyday abundance in your world. Words are powerful magic. Abundance unfolds through the power of weaving your words.

8. Go for a walk. Choose an environment that perks up your energy. It might be the beach, your local park or a natural reserve. Walking in nature realigns your whole being – mind, body and spirit. Like a tuning fork, nature re-calibrates you to your original intelligence.

9. Sing or listen to music. Singing is a vocal expression of your heart and soul. It allows you to connect with your feelings. It facilitates the articulation of the inexpressible. Singing is joy made manifest.

10. Play. Go for a ride on a swing. Twirl around till you're dizzy and fall to the ground. Hang out with your children, niece/nephew or your grandchildren. There is something about play that brings out the free in you and me! At the core, child-like delight taps into the truth of who you are.

Every time you practice self care you are mirroring the abundance in your world and embodying your infinite flow. Self care is taking care of your inner fire and welcoming home the abundance that is YOU!

What would happen to your abundance if you spent 10 minutes a day focusing on your natural flow? Join us on an  adventure to unleash your wild abundance.

Brought to you by Adela Rubio, Consciousness Catalyst and Evolutionary Coach.

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