January 7


#1 Passionate Presence Principle: Presence

Here's your invitation to access your full presence,
deep awareness and profound intention.

Dive into the experiential journey of You:

1. Expand the bandwidth of your sensing and your knowing.

2. Access your ability to tune into multiple frequencies.
There's no how-to or guide needed, step beyond the boundary
of your intellect and access the aspect of you that already
knows everything you need to know.

3. Just say YES to your expanded being and open the portal to
your highly aware nature

Notice your breath and your body . . .

Take a deep breath and exhale . . .
Notice how the breath bridges your body and your being.
Take a deep breath and exhale . . .
Feel the power and the presence of the multidimensional you.
Take a deep breath and exhale . . .
Presence the dynamically, vibrant, magnificent you

Notice your breath and your body . . .

Presence . . .

What if you already have it, you already are it . . .
Like a hologram, the whole entirely present in any of its parts.
Like a tree, majestically steadfast in a storm
Like a grain of sand, anonymously grand

In this time together, let’s launch a collective intention to
bring into being the palpable, tangible energy of you. . .
The irresistible essence of your distilled fragrance
Let’s celebrate the fullness of your being

Take a moment right now and
Feel where presence lives within you . .
Sense the access point and enter
Notice who you become as the mantel of
presence rests upon your shoulders
Notice how presence abides within your being

How do you feel?
Open the floodgates to the wisdom of your body
Notice the pockets of presence sparking into beingness

What do you sense?
Listen deeply to the synchronous song of your cells
Dance delightedly to the rhythm of your ecstasy
Immerse your wonder in the chasm of your joy

What do you know?
Boldly linger in the beauty of your brilliance
Claim with authority the mastery of your magnificence

Celebrate the rippling of your presence,
in this moment, into cosmic consciousness
Sense the alivening of everything, everyone, everywhere
Feel the potential and possibility launched into creation
because you say YES to LIFE in YOU!

Beyond a momentary awakening,
much more than a daily practice,
this moment calls for the evolution
of a higher order of awareness,
a more profound level of engagement,
an unparalleled frequency of integrity.

It calls for:

The Presence of Play, an opening to the dynamic flow of
life as it’s sculpted by the engagement of your unique essence.

The Presence of Passion, an alivening dance that sparks
the fire of who you’re here to be and what you’re here to do.

The Presence of Peace, the state of equanimity and grace
that arise from the alignment of your essence and your work.

The Presence of Paradox, the irreconcilable opposites
that litter your world, and propel you into a broadband
experience of reality.

The Presence of Power, the responsibility of being the
author of your life, living by design and not be default.

You are a being of infinite intelligence and innate wisdom.
You are here to experience the natural order of your design:
You are a Conscious Cosmicious Creator Alivening Life!

©2009 Being Bootcamp (Adela Rubio)

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Being Bootcamp

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