How to Unleash the Power of Celebration


For as long as anyone can remember, people have celebrated.

Celebration is the most common denominator that we have. It crosses the boundaries of time and place, race and religion, education and economics.

Celebration naturally elicits enthusiasm and excitement. It inspires, enlightens and motivates us to find greater understanding, wisdom and solutions to the problems we face. Celebration frees your creative Essence and provides the fuel and resources to move beyond your problems and find the answers you seek.

Why celebrate? Because you can — and it is good for you. Celebration…

  • captures the universal story
  • clarifies the vision
  • fosters community
  • builds bridges
  • powers up possibility

So how do you know that you have tapped into the power of celebration? You feel it on the inside.  Celebration is something you experience; it is emotional and heart-felt.

I celebrate myself, and sing myself.
Walt Whitman

In celebration you create lasting memories, the very essence of experience itself – that which is remembered. In doing so you unleash the potential of people, acknowledge the humanity of your experience and allow the true purpose and passion in your world to emerge. Through celebration you enliven and enrich your experience.

How can you bring the power of celebration into your world? Celebrate the special moments in your life, and the ordinary ones, too. Pause throughout your day and acknowledge the the gift of being here and now to infuse your every day moments with joy.

Dare to break free from the traditional way of doing things and discover your own way to celebrate! As you celebrate more , you inspire others to see more, and provide the spark that allows them to light the world around them.

The spirit of celebration touches and inspires you to rise above the mundane and enjoy the greater presence of love that connects us all.

What do you celebrate today? Please post below and share the joy of celebration!

About the Author

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 20+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

  • Susan Jones says:

    ..a new day. A good nite’s rest. …and that I did not drink last night. Well there you have it. Bare breasted.

  • Sue Couch says:

    I celebrate celebrations! Yes! And here’s a little something I wrote the other day:

    Move my body,
    Move my mind,
    Touch the velvety night air,
    Taste the cool green grass,
    Laugh at nothing,
    Laugh at myself,
    Invite the fairies,
    Ride a unicorn.
    Do what it takes
    to get myself free.

  • Alisha says:

    I LoveLoveLove that I’m catching myself sooner and returning my attention to what makes me happy—-and, I give myself permission to “atta-girl” myself and grin from ear-to-ear for the job well done
    Big Hugs to you Adela—mwah!

  • Jan Riley says:

    I celebrate feeling good for no reason in particular, having a dog that things I’m AWESOME and knowing I am so FULL of LOVE because it is pouring out of me in waves like a volcano

  • For years I have celebrated the New Moon. Farmers around the world acknowledge the best time to plant seeds is the new moon, and it’s a mighty fine time to weed out unwanteds. So too, I gather with community to seed intentions for the month, and let go of (weed) what doesn’t work in our lives. We write our intentions on index cards to keep, and also write our releases, and put those let-gos in what I call a burden basket. We bang on drums and shake rattles to seal in the deal. And then I take the releases home to my magic hibachi and allow the transformation power of fire to release them for good.

    Celebrations can be daily occurrences too, I knwo, but there is such power in the intentional celebration, especially with fellow celebrants.
    Thank you for your wisdom!

  • Adela. I love celebration, and incorporate it into many aspects of my practice. Especially solstice and equinox ceremonies. Could I use this as a guest blog on

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