I Am Xmas

It’s Christmas eve and as I sit Am filled with peace and light Friends sharing tales of xmas cheer Bring heart warmed tears to sight As I think back thru this past year And all the shining souls Who’ve graced my heart, thru day and night My gratitude unfolds The pulse of life springs eagerly […]

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Heart Enshrouded

I sense the tight, amorphous cloud that is my heart It’s shape is soft and smooth yet jagged, sharp The moving mass enmeshed with dances new and old It’s silhouette shades the core of brilliant white tresses and weaves intricate hues of silver burnt and tarnished gold The masses swirl within and reverberate thru ancient […]

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All is Well

In this moment I feel a swirl of energy encircling me Walking on moving tectonic plates I trust my next step as I dance Sustainably stabilized in co-creative movement In this moment I feel whirlpools and vortices Vibrant energy pulling me inward Stretching me in all directions Spiraling into the becoming me In this moment […]

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