Failure: Let’s Begin Again

What if perfection is a moving target? What if failure is the pathway to progress? Failure is one of those collective beliefs whose time is certainly up, at least in the sense that it is generally perceived by most. One of the most powerful practices that you can engage in is to question, examine and […]

The Path of Truth

“Truth needs great effort, discovery, risk, and it needs you to walk alone on a path that nobody has traveled before.” Osho The effort required is a breaking away from what’s comfortable, an unhooking from pack thinking. Aloneness is the space required for you to BE with what is truly yours to know and share. […]

Remembering God

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” Gandhi Where are you taking for granted your role in the multiverse? Are you taking more than you need? Are you a sustainable element in the pool of creation? Tune in now to the exchange of energy that is going on within […]