How To Claim Your Innate Authority

How often has your pathway to power been littered with the refuse of your broken bits? Have you noticed that these very fragments crystallize the power of your true knowing?

Life’s experiences are the creative compost that solidify the power of your authority and your presence. Are you powerful or powerless? Are you a victor or a victim? Are you a champion or a striver?

Power is your natural ability to mold energy into a unique experience. Power is your authority to choose. It is a force of nature, expressed through you as you. That’s right . . . YOU are the stuff, the building blocks, the rarified essence of power.

Everything in nature contains all the power of
Everything is made of one hidden stuff.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The beauty of being your power is that in lighting up your own power you spark up those around you. Like a brush fire swathing a molten path through the core of your foundation, power cleanses your senses and awakens your clarity, and touches everything and everyone.

Goethe knew the landscape of power. He said, “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” What vision calls to you and beckons your full measure of being? What longing compels you into movement? What ‘thing’ has an irresistible allure that pulls you into its ever enticing web?

Your breath is a portal to power. It is a vital energy transformer and indicator. It will illustrate ‘who you are being,' and from which perspective you are viewing your world. Your breath will indicate whether you are identified with the form of things or the essence of things. It will reveal whether you are in your body or checked out of it. Your breath is a bridge to power. Check in with your breathing now and bring your willing awareness to the presence of power in YOU.

1. Tap into the ‘feel' of your power. Inhale the moist, rich aroma of power. Feel the primal energy of you lining up, amping up, propelling your being into a powerful, vibrant, kinesthetic symphony of beyond the edge sensing, spilling over the known into new streams of sensing, trying on the tenor of a new terrain.

2. Identify your experience of power. Who were you being? How did your body feel? What posture did your body take? Was your energy in your heart, your torso, your legs, your voice? What dominant characteristics took hold of you and powered you up? Were you ‘taken over’ by the vision that enthralled you? Did you even feel your ‘self’ in the moment? Was it personal power or was it collective power? Was it ‘you’ or was it ‘more than you?”

3. Claim your innate authority. Feel the distinctive nature of your choice. Line up completely and irrevocably with it. Simply choose, because you can. Then line up your energy completely with it. There is always the next moment in which there is another choice. Again, simply choose, because you decide to choose. Claim your authority to choose in each moment.

Every time you own your authority you strengthen your knowing of what's true for you. There's no second guessing your choice. If you do, you surrender your power and relinquish your authority.  There's no better choice to make than your power to choose… your Power!  It's simple, really. Choose.

Image: Buddha, Wikimedia

About the Author

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 20+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

  • Alisha says:

    LoveLoveLove this and I Choose to reboot to my Knowing and BEing—it might be relaxing or it might be full-out—as long as it is joyful to my soul it will be just fine—MWAH! to you

  • Debra Jason says:

    Interesting experience this morning Adela. I found myself, at first, wanting to stop listening and go onto something else. However, I did not. I stayed with it. It was a bit of a roller coaster, feeling “high” on my power (saw myself dancing with arms up in a “V” for victory dance), but then it went low. When I visualized the thermometer, it was high again and went low. Started t question why? What’s happening? Breathe!

    By the end, the temperature was rising and I was back in the light dancing. Here’s to a dancing in the ray of light that is my power. Thanks. Have a beautiful day.


    • Adela says:


      It’s good to notice and go with your own flow. ‘Why’ can be a rabbit hole that doesn’t necessarily land you in clarity. It’s best to dance, as you well know and did. Thanks for sharing your experience and insights!

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