Evolutionary Quotes

Have you ever noticed that the right combination of words can help you make a radical shift? All of a sudden there's a door where only a solid, impenetrable wall existed before.

That's the power of a quote and an image, it can move you in an instant. 

I'd like to invite you on an adventure to . . .

awaken to the vastness of your being
experiencing the magic and mystery of this moment
craft a world that embodies your values and what's meaningful

I'm currently participating in my friend Shann Vander Leek's Goddess Talk Sessions. I'm not one to wait for perfection so I've posted my most recent creations. These quote graphics were created specifically to share about speaking your truth and reclaiming your feminine sovereignty. The dialogues are available through end of October. Join us!

How to Speak Your Truth & Reclaim Your Feminine Sovereignty

Pssss . . . new giveaway coming soon. I have thousands of these quote graphics and will be sharing them with you - BRANDING FREE - so that you can share with your friends and communities (or even in your trainings and courses).