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Are You Making a Living or Making a Life?

It’s hard to avoid the reality of the need for cash flow, right? I mean you need to have a home and food and pay your utility bills. Then there’s the car and the cable and the kids activities. It’s not really surprising that a lot of your activities, and a lot of your energy, […]

Shift Your Level of Engagement

Ever wonder how to flip the switch from 3D human to transformative energy agent? Who you are being dictates the spectrum of potential and possibility that is available to you in any given moment. How you view the world is filtered through the lens of your level of engagement. These levels of engagement are a […]

Limiting Beliefs Hamper Your Intentions

An intention, or a desire, naturally manifests an impulse to take some kind of action that will lead you to the realization of your desire. It’s a built in mechanism, like your desire to eat when you’re hungry or sleep when you’re tired. It doesn’t matter whether that desire is a new job, more money, […]