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Are You a Highly Aware Being?

Lately I have had this abiding sense of ‘absolute aloneness.’ Not lonely, as in a need or a want that is looking to be met. This sensing is presence-saturated and grants me access to a wider scope of knowing. The landscape is discernible. I more easily ‘see’ the options, the possibilities. I am here because […]

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You Are the Playground

It may look like everything is happening outside of you. Actually, everything in your world is a reflection of what you believe into being. This shift alone – you ARE the playground – will catapult you into a completely different level of play. Experience is the only thing that makes it real. That’s why the […]

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Launching Your Big Vision

I’m in the throes of planning the pre-launch party for my physical business, Bliss Studio, 6 weeks from now. The gazillion ideas that I’ve had for the past 5 years are all clamoring for their day at camp. I’m using this summer as a time to test out my vision of an urban energy oasis, […]

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