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6 Gratitude for Life

I am grateful for life For breath For being For the wisdom of my body And its infinite expression For the knowing in my belly That paints the landscape of my feeling For the blessing of my heart As it renders my resistance I am grateful for life I celebrate life Friends & Family Colleagues […]

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10 Gratitude Shifts Your Consciousness and Your Business

It’s impossible not to feel the pull of gratitude during the Thanksgiving season. As you get ready to share the holiday with family and friends take a moment to notice how the act of thanks giving generates abundance. Just this focus alone will transform your holiday from one of ‘things to do’ to an experience […]

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3 A Unique Voice for Change

There’s been so much yakety-yak about Michael Jackson. I have always admired and adored him. Here’s a wonderful interview with him that resonated with what I sensed about Michael. Often we try to reconcile the person (and their personal life) with their work. Big mistake I’ve learned. I’ve studied with many masters who were doing […]

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