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3 Things to Be Grateful For Every Day

By now you’re probably tired of everyone suggesting you count your blessings. “I know! I know! I have SO much to be grateful for.” Yes. You Do. I Do. And yet sometimes you can fall into the practice of gratitude without the feeling of gratitude. I know I have. When this happens it’s instant feedback […]

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How to Make Peace and Receive Your Father’s Legacy

I sink into contemplative spaceĀ on many holidays. They feel especially sacred and pure, as if a portal in time has opened and there is a unique opportunity to create anew. Father’s Day used to elicit conflicting thoughts and feelings, jumbled into a morass of ambiguity and avoidance. Today, my heart is more open. I know […]

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A New Year Ritual to Craft Your Visionary Manifesto

Are you busy crafting your New Year Resolutions? Me neither. I do, however, create my own rituals to invoke awareness and unleash the creative power of my intentions. Rituals are a powerful way to create sacred portals where you mingle with the Divine. A new year is a doorway to a dimension of infinite imaginings. […]

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