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Find Your “YES!”

“I want to! But I don’t have the… [fill in the blank] Was it time or money for you? When I co-owned a World Gym back in the day. This litany was something that I was often subjected to. It was one I even subscribed to. When I hear, “I want to! But I don’t […]

Let Freedom Ring

In the US today we’re celebrating the 4th of July. It’s Independence Day and I’ve been sitting with ‘freedom.’ As I waited for my family to gather, I pulled together a quick video to share. It’s under 90 seconds. Happy FREEDOM Day, wherever you are!

Gratitude for Life

I am grateful for life For breath For being For the wisdom of my body And its infinite expression For the knowing in my belly That paints the landscape of my feeling For the blessing of my heart As it renders my resistance I am grateful for life I celebrate life Friends & Family Colleagues […]