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2011 Affirmation

I am a beneficial energy. I am the violet flame transforming, purifying and changing. I am the cobalt blue flame of my soul, my higher self. I am the hope, peace, love and joy of Christmas all throughout the year. I am the my higher self transformed from the ego self. I visualize my higher […]

Blessing for 2011

(Imagine your fairy godmother touching a wand to the top of your head) May truth flow from your lips and taste as sweet as chocolate, May everything you touch feel as soft as silk, May your eyes glow with the brilliant diamond essence of your divine light, May the pores of your skin release the […]

Dialogue with God

1.1.11 RB: Ah, God, number pattern person that I am and loving 1.1.11. What do you want me to know today? God: Renée, you began the year fully open to new and playful in doing exercises. Great start. RB: And what else do you want me to know today? God: Ah, there you go Renée, […]

New Year Blessings & Gratitude

divine Light divine Love divine Oneness tear me apart break me open into a zillion billion pieces that I might embrace trace with my love every particle of creation may i dance with the all small and magnificent innocent and divine dark and ugly young and old hard to hold galaxies and planets places unknown […]

My Blessing

Hum, buzz, rouse, thrive Splash your Vibrance on the world. Be Alive Be a Change Be a Pulse. Turn yourself on Rock yourself out. Give ’em somethin to talk about. Be Vivacious Be Bold, Be Racy. Spread your Message with Explosive Force. Value, Own & Realize yourself as a Catalyst, an Inspiration, a Leader. Create […]