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Happy New Year, Friends

Happy New Year, friends! See ya in the new… A new year approaches Drenched in delight Prancing with possibility The path unfurls easily, joyfully with wild abandon I dance like a dervish Tugged by time Propelled by promise I commune with chaos I connect with clarity I choose the pulse that beckons “Pick me!” “Pick […]

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for the Inner Child

I wrote this piece over 10 years ago. It still speaks to my soul.  It is called ‘Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for the Inner Child.’ At that time I was participating in an Inner Child Reiki Project created by my good friend Sheree Rainbolt Kren at The Pendulum Form. May it be a light […]

After All That Falling

After all that falling I peer once again into the ceaseless seeking of a long lost likeness etched upon the face of fear no more After all that falling I am supple as the peeling pavement like a daisy seeking space and sun where there was none before After all that falling I stand softly poised upon the vague impressions of my […]

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