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The Light of Presence

You know those moments where there is an immense emptiness that hollows out the extraneous in your life? What if that were a good thing? What if only what’s real, what’s true, were meant to fill you? The familiar groove of orienting around what disappoints you, can be quite comfortable. Often you are not fully […]

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The Lightness of Possibility

It’s easier to see the imperfections in others, rather than their good. It’s easier to point the finger, than to take responsibility. It’s easier to bemoan your problems than explore your potential. However, easy is not the name of the game. And yet, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. What if you could […]

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Surf the Mega Shift Waves of Growth

There are loads of people talking about the big energy shifts we’re experiencing and mostly they’re talking about people being tired, feeling nauseous, dizzy, disoriented, etc. Well, there’s a better way to be with it all … a sourceful, alivening approach to your conscious evolution. Energetic mastery is about being in charge of the energy […]

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