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It Works If You Work It

I’m feeling really good about my commitment to journal writing every day. It solidifies my stand to follow through on what I choose. That’s my part in the dance with Life, to say, “Yes!” by taking action. The one-two punch of meditation and daily brain dump known as journal writing is sure to open and […]

Get a Life, Girlfriend!

My muse can be as enchanting as a cold shower at times. Motherhood is not one of the topics on the table for this project, yet she insists on bringing the mother magic round and round. I know I have motherhood issues. I wish she’d give this one a rest. My Mom was perfect on […]

Friendship, Sisterhood and Sacred Circles

Celia Cruz, the famous Cuban singer known as the Queen of Salsa, once said that she preferred playing large venues like Madison Square Garden instead of intimate cabarets. I’m quite the opposite. I prefer intimate to grand. It allows for the kind of connection I relish… deeper, richer, more intense. But I wasn’t always open […]

How to Find Your Way Home, Step By Step

I have been moving about quite a bit for the past 3 years. (If you’re in my inner circle you already know that.) There are several reasons for it but one of the primary reasons is that I feel so unsettled inside. There is still so much inner movement. There are aspects of me that […]