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Activating the Power of Your Feminine Essence

Last October, I was wrapping up a writing circle event when I made an off handed comment on our Facebook Group that I might host an event on The Goddess. I was envisioning playing with archetypal energies, a women’s writing circle, and leading guided visualizations on awakening your feminine essence. My writing sister, Jody Lilly, of The Goddess of […]

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Failure Is a Pathway to Progress

Ever tried something and it didn’t work out? It happens all the time in my world, and I’m sure it happens in yours too. Failure is NOT a bad thing. It shows you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Whether it’s a new kind of workout, a promising business strategy or […]

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Want to Join Me On a Writing Project?

I’m a long time journal writing aficionado and attest to the power of capturing your inner world on a page.  Whenever I’ve looked back in previous journals I’ve often been shocked by the person I used to be. Nothing will more quickly attest to the leaps you’ve taken than to re-read the thoughts, feelings and experiences […]

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2 You’re Invited to the Party

What if you were not a teeny tiny human doing but were actually an infinitely delightful BEingness? I’m sure you’ve caught glimpses of this vastness in yourself and others. Imagine how different it all would be if this were who you were being most of the time, instead of some of the time. What if […]

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Ready for a Transforming Read?

You may have heard the buzz already about the new book Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income.  Written by 19 individuals who once had a vision in their hearts and who made those dreams real – this book is taking the internet by storm. And no wonder!  How many folks like you are […]

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