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Free Your Abundance

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. Wayne Dyer There is so much association of money to abundance programmed in our modern culture that it often feels as if we’ve lost our way. Wherever you turn, whether it’s television ads, magazine covers or emails in your inbox, the focus […]

The Promise of a New Pathway

Remember the bittersweet sensation of transitions, endings to new beginnings: graduating high school and going on to college, leaving home to get married, leaving a job for a better opportunity. Feel the sense of loss and completion, the peril and the promise of a new pathway. What if you explored endings as a continuum of […]

Are You Willing to Be Free?

Freedom is a compelling concept. Cultures and countries have warred for centuries seeking their freedom. If you look at the continuum of freedom it’s an energy that ripples from the individual to the collective community and right back. You cannot have freedom for a people, if the individual is not free. No brainer, right? The […]

Release Your Reality

Have you noticed that ‘reality creation’ can be just as stressful as any other intended destination? Though your desire can point to a potential, it can also be a symptom of separation. The key in discernment is how you feel. Feeling always points to your portal of perception. This is where cleansing the senses from […]

Awaken to Being

Everything that is in your world was once an intention. The rub is that intention is sourced in your inner world and you may or may not be as conscious of this aspect of your being. This doesn’t mean that you need to monitor and control every thought and sift through every belief. It merely […]